Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What are Metachromatic granules?

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Name four non sporing anaerobes?

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What is the natural habitat of Bacteroides fragilis? What infections do they cause?

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What is Vi antigen?

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What is the procedure for Widal Test?

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Waht are the Antigens of salmonella?

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What is the procedure for Laboratory diagnosis of enteric fever?


What are the two methods of preventing Haemophilus influenzae meningitis?

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What is meant by Satellitism?

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What are X & V factors?

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How the malaria parasite evades detection by the human immune system?

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What is the procedure for Milk ring test?

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What are the Pigments produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

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Name four culture media used for Vibrio cholerae?

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What are the Two rapid tests for diagnosis of cholera?

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what is the advanteg of ricombinant antigen?& what is the advanteg of sinthethick antigen? and advanteg of both?


How much the minimum recovery should be in swab sampling?


What are the methods for calculation of the percentage of roots colonization - Mycorrhizae?


why microbiology failed to experience a period of growth after the reports of Leeuwenhoek?


What are the two ways that animal viruses may penetrate their host cell?


i completed bsc microbiology,DMLT and i finished ILETS exam and got overall 5.5 score,is it possible to get job in melbourne hospital,wat i hav to do


Why Lactobacilli are considered the most aciduric and acidogenic organisms in the oral cavity ?


How to prepare and store agar?


How to Construct mutant virus with BAC ?


What is the reaction characterized by degranulation of mast cells as a result of antigen-antibody complexes affixed to cell surfaces?


mention few medical representative companies around mysore


How to make antibiotic plates ?


Explain the Electrotransformation to lactobacillus delbrueckii ?


What are the Minimal Media Recipes for Fed-Batch Cultures of EColi ?


Describe several different types of spores that can be produced by asexual reproduction in fungi?