Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What are Metachromatic granules?

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Name four non sporing anaerobes?

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What is the natural habitat of Bacteroides fragilis? What infections do they cause?

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What is Vi antigen?

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What is the procedure for Widal Test?

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Waht are the Antigens of salmonella?

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What is the procedure for Laboratory diagnosis of enteric fever?


What are the two methods of preventing Haemophilus influenzae meningitis?

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What is meant by Satellitism?

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What are X & V factors?

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How the malaria parasite evades detection by the human immune system?

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What is the procedure for Milk ring test?

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What are the Pigments produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

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Name four culture media used for Vibrio cholerae?

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What are the Two rapid tests for diagnosis of cholera?

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Give the full scientific name (genus and species) name for a xylem-limited fastidious bacterium?


if hr asked that why are you interested in marketing kind of job then what should i reply.


Explain about the Propionibacterium acnes ?


Give an account of Viral isolation?


What kind of supervision do you like?


What are feather microbes ?


Explain about the sucide plasmid directed mutagenesis in pseudomonas?


You receive a package that contains plants that may have been injured by herbicide drift or may have a virus. With no further information, how might you determine which is the problem?


Why did you choose BSC with Microbiology after your diploma in pharmacy and than MBA ? You also could do B.pharmacy and MBA?


In determining a morph unknown, what tests can I do to narrow between Corynebacterium pseudodiph and xerosis?


How to detect AHL signal?


Contrast the streak plate isolation and pour-plate isolation methods for making population measurements?


Why yeast is mostly used for fermentation or biotechnological purposes?


What is the simple method for isolating parasite DNA from clinical samples?


which cultures or subcultures or standards are generally using as a positive control for total aerobic microbial count in API?