Micro Biology Interview Questions
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Why we are maintaining the autoclave temperature at 121degree centigrade and pressure at 15lbs? Why we are not maintaining the temperature and pressure above or below 121degree centigrade and 15lbs? higher temperature also kills microbes. then why we are not maintaining it above 121degree? what is the reason?


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give some names of spore producing bacteria. why these bacteria survive at very high temperature? what is the chemical composition of spores?

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i completed bsc microbiology,DMLT and i finished ILETS exam and got overall 5.5 score,is it possible to get job in melbourne hospital,wat i hav to do


what is meaning of microbiology

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1. What is the biochemical test ? 2. What purpose of subculture ?

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1.What is the different parameter of sterilization ?

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Difference between bacteria and fungi

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what is gmo

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Why does frame shift mutation (GC gase paired) occurs due to the pesticides in TA98 salmonella tester strain? What is its reason and the mode of action of the pesticides on the CG sequence of the DNA of TA98 strain


in autoclave sterilization time is 20mins,why?


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why the most probable number(MPN) technique is carried out?

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why viruses are more pathogenic than bacteria

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how to do dry heat sterilizer validation?

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how does Mucus membrane protect the respiratory system?

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Why yeast is mostly used for fermentation or biotechnological purposes?

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what is the trouble in DNA plasmid extraction ?


Give an account of Adenovirus ?


What do you know about Microbial growth database ?


Describe fungal promoter in bacteria ?


Why are Plasmodiophoromycetes not true fungi?


How does latex agglutination work?


Why we maintain 121degree centigrade for autoclave? why we are not maintaining the temperature above or below 121degree? what is the reason?


Explain about virus dna?


Explain the ratio and quantitative relationship?


Give an account on bacitracin resistant Strep agalactiae?


Explain the Quantitative PCR for Intestinal Samples?


What is the compositiion of Heterotrophic medium?


What is the the primary cause of an inflammatory reaction to an overhanging gingival margin of a restoration ?


Give MIC interpretive standards for streptomycin susceptibility ?


How to Isolate Rhodococcus sp?