Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What is the difference between solid state fermentation and solid substrate fermentation?

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1 what is the difference b/w calibration and validation? 2 why we are doing to ph calibration buffer 4 7 and 9.2 solution ?

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What is the difference b/m infection and contamination ?

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what is the difference b/w food infection and food poisioning ?

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Cetrimide agar media used for only pseudomonas spp. Why

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What is the ph range of most bacteria and most fungai.

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can you send me the previous years drug inspector exam model papers of andhrapradesh


what is global warming? cause of it? what is carbon credit?


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how do you prepare 1000ppm solution of cyanide?

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IN autoclave validation, suppose one biological indicator fail among 16 indicator then whether cycle is accepted or not


why anti tibercular drugs are to be taken for long time about 4-6 month?

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which is a non green plant that takes food from the other plant on which it grows

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What is OPG in micro biology/cosmetic

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why is partial purification of enzyme done in some cases not complete purification ?

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ano po ba ang pinaka mabilis na ibon sa mundo

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Describe about the bacterial hydrogenase activity in hydrogen production ?


while doing microbial limit test of raw material we need to analyse minimum of 40 g sample is required,if the raw material is too costly how do we minimize the sample size?in which guideline says the minimum sample size?


Describe several different types of spores that can be produced by asexual reproduction in fungi?


How the e.coli survives?


In determining a morph unknown, what tests can I do to narrow between Corynebacterium pseudodiph and xerosis?


Describe the Storing of bacterial colonies ?


Tell something about Blue colored fungi?


Give an account of glycerol sterilisation ?


What are the antibiotics derived from actinomycetes?


What is the compositiion of Heterotrophic medium?


mention few medical representative companies around mysore


This microscopic life form is transparent and has an elongated body that is pointed at the rear. The mouth is at the base of the neck, which can be extended like the trunk of an elephant. What is this ciliophora called?


Define miasma notion of disease?


Explain the Quantitative PCR for Intestinal Samples?


What are the properties of stap aureus?