Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What is the difference between solid state fermentation and solid substrate fermentation?

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1 what is the difference b/w calibration and validation? 2 why we are doing to ph calibration buffer 4 7 and 9.2 solution ?

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What is the difference b/m infection and contamination ?

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what is the difference b/w food infection and food poisioning ?

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Cetrimide agar media used for only pseudomonas spp. Why

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What is the ph range of most bacteria and most fungai.

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can you send me the previous years drug inspector exam model papers of andhrapradesh


what is global warming? cause of it? what is carbon credit?


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how do you prepare 1000ppm solution of cyanide?

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IN autoclave validation, suppose one biological indicator fail among 16 indicator then whether cycle is accepted or not


why anti tibercular drugs are to be taken for long time about 4-6 month?

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which is a non green plant that takes food from the other plant on which it grows

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What is OPG in micro biology/cosmetic

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why is partial purification of enzyme done in some cases not complete purification ?

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ano po ba ang pinaka mabilis na ibon sa mundo

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What are the methods for calculation of the percentage of roots colonization - Mycorrhizae?


What is the importance of Vibrio anguillarum ?


what is the advanteg of ricombinant antigen?& what is the advanteg of sinthethick antigen? and advanteg of both?


What is meant by Plate Counting 101 ?


Compare the different Isolation Techniques ?


How to prepare SEM sample for bacteria?


What is the frozen problem of M13KO7 ?


Give an account on Genomic DNA isolation ?


What do you know about Microbial growth database ?


Can you identify the operational bases and uses for the transmission and scanning electron microscopy?


Describe about the Antibiotic resistance in plant groth promoting bacteria?


Explain why the three-domain system was devised and identify the domains to which microorganisms belong?


while doing microbial limit test of raw material we need to analyse minimum of 40 g sample is required,if the raw material is too costly how do we minimize the sample size?in which guideline says the minimum sample size?


Describe the infectious cycle of a negative strand RNA virus?


Explain the mechanism of Lysozyme ?