Micro Biology Interview Questions
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What is the difference between solid state fermentation and solid substrate fermentation?

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1 what is the difference b/w calibration and validation? 2 why we are doing to ph calibration buffer 4 7 and 9.2 solution ?

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What is the difference b/m infection and contamination ?

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what is the difference b/w food infection and food poisioning ?

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Cetrimide agar media used for only pseudomonas spp. Why

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What is the ph range of most bacteria and most fungai.

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can you send me the previous years drug inspector exam model papers of andhrapradesh


what is global warming? cause of it? what is carbon credit?


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how do you prepare 1000ppm solution of cyanide?

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IN autoclave validation, suppose one biological indicator fail among 16 indicator then whether cycle is accepted or not


why anti tibercular drugs are to be taken for long time about 4-6 month?

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which is a non green plant that takes food from the other plant on which it grows

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What is OPG in micro biology/cosmetic

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why is partial purification of enzyme done in some cases not complete purification ?

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ano po ba ang pinaka mabilis na ibon sa mundo

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Explain about Brucella LPS extraction ?


Which is easier to treat fungal diseases or bacterial diseases, and why?


Why does frame shift mutation (GC gase paired) occurs due to the pesticides in TA98 salmonella tester strain? What is its reason and the mode of action of the pesticides on the CG sequence of the DNA of TA98 strain


What is the interaction of Group A Streptococcus with HEp-2 & A549 cell line ?


How to determine Bacterial GC content protocal of CsCl method ?


Expalin about Methylobacterium and plant PPFMs beneficial bacteria ?


How microorganisms vary in pathogenesity?


Explain the growth curve of S. pneumo ?


Where to do genomic base composition analysis?


what is the method for seperation of periplasmic proteins ?


How to do phage titrering ?


what is antibacterial index


Explain about virus sequencing ,viral extraction ?


Give an account of Viral isolation?


How Suspicion of Phage infection occurs?