Micro Biology Interview Questions
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Amebas are classified into two sub-classes, what are they?

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You suspect microscopic grains on a slide that you exposed to the outside air to be pollen. To test this, you place a drop of a sugar solution on the slide with the grains. If this is pollen, what will happen?


What was the first virus ever discovered?

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What is the reproductive cycle of a phage virus called in which the virus's DNA is combined with the host cell's DNA to form a prophage?

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Which enzyme are retroviruses equiped with that allows them to transcribe DNA from an RNA template?

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What are the tiny molecules of naked circular RNA that infect plants called?

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What is the direct transfer of genetic material between two bacterial cells that are temporarily joined?

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What color is the microfungi penicillium?

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The blooms of these protists gives water a watermelon-like taste. What is this microlife called?


Tardigrades are also known by what other name?

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What is Coccidioidomycosis ?

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What are the enzymes produced by streptococci?


What is ASO test?

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Name two special stains used for Corynebacterium diphtheriae?

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What is Elek?s test ?

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Describe the Influenza inoculation of Hek293 cells ?


What is the use of FAM and other green flourescent dyes ?


How to prepare samples of Stomamachers ?


Give an account of antibodies against pET30c fusion protein ?


Explain about virus sequencing ,viral extraction ?


describe slide agglutination test fpr widal


Where to do genomic base composition analysis?


Explain about the RNA isolation from bacteria?


How to Preserve bacteria in PBS for immunization ?


if hr asked that why are you interested in marketing kind of job then what should i reply.


How microorganisms vary in pathogenesity?


What is the difference between LB Miller & LB, Lennox ?


What is meant by fungal element?


Explain the Soft top agar AND Ames test ?


Describe the Reed and Muench Method ?