Micro Biology Interview Questions
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Amebas are classified into two sub-classes, what are they?

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You suspect microscopic grains on a slide that you exposed to the outside air to be pollen. To test this, you place a drop of a sugar solution on the slide with the grains. If this is pollen, what will happen?


What was the first virus ever discovered?

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What is the reproductive cycle of a phage virus called in which the virus's DNA is combined with the host cell's DNA to form a prophage?

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Which enzyme are retroviruses equiped with that allows them to transcribe DNA from an RNA template?

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What are the tiny molecules of naked circular RNA that infect plants called?

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What is the direct transfer of genetic material between two bacterial cells that are temporarily joined?

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What color is the microfungi penicillium?

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The blooms of these protists gives water a watermelon-like taste. What is this microlife called?


Tardigrades are also known by what other name?

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What is Coccidioidomycosis ?

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What are the enzymes produced by streptococci?


What is ASO test?

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Name two special stains used for Corynebacterium diphtheriae?

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What is Elek?s test ?

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Why we maintain 121degree centigrade for autoclave? why we are not maintaining the temperature above or below 121degree? what is the reason?


What is the the primary cause of an inflammatory reaction to an overhanging gingival margin of a restoration ?


what are the problems of Frozen transformed bacterial cells ?


How to interpret the smear?


What is quaternary ammonium compound used for?


How to extract bacteria from HUT TEST ?


Which are the positive and negative controls for gram stain?


Explain the Virus plaque assay for VSV ?


Why yeast does not grow beyond a 1:10000 dilution ?


What would you do if it was a slow day in the lab?


what is the method for seperartion of spheroplasts?


What is the compositiion of Heterotrophic medium?


Explain why the three-domain system was devised and identify the domains to which microorganisms belong?


which cultures or subcultures or standards are generally using as a positive control for total aerobic microbial count in API?


This microscopic life form is transparent and has an elongated body that is pointed at the rear. The mouth is at the base of the neck, which can be extended like the trunk of an elephant. What is this ciliophora called?