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Solaris General Interview Questions
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how to configure remote console login for a server sunfire v440 or v490?

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how to know kernel architecture of solaris ? isainfo -v ? or prtconf -v

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how to know which version of solaris is installed? uname –a /etc/release

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major diffences b/w solars 9 & 10?

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ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-mode

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solaris booting process.

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what are bootloaders in solaris booting? bootblk, ufsboot

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what are the daemons running In NIS? how to do u create NIS users and update Maps?

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what is multihomed system?

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Explain the more details of vmstat output?


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what is the difference between sc> and lom> ?

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what is the difference between svm and vxvm

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How to discover Global zone name from local Zone?

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How to set the path for core file?


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How many types of file system?

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Explain the difference between pid and ppid with example.


Explain the difference between svm and vxvm?


How do you copy files from remote system using ftp?


Tell me how many types of file system?


What are nfs daemons?


How can searches be refined?


How can a user increase the number of pseudo-ttys? what is their use?


How can a user boot in solaris as root if the password is non functional?


how to add Kernel patch in all systems at a time?


How to login to a remote host with solaris secure shell?


Explain the vmstat output?


How can threads be created in a solaris environment? Write an example


Explain what is multi homed system?


How can a user increase the number of pseudo-ttys?


How can a user login to solaris?