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Solaris General Interview Questions
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how to configure remote console login for a server sunfire v440 or v490?

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how to know kernel architecture of solaris ? isainfo -v ? or prtconf -v

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how to know which version of solaris is installed? uname –a /etc/release

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major diffences b/w solars 9 & 10?

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ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-mode

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solaris booting process.

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what are bootloaders in solaris booting? bootblk, ufsboot

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what are the daemons running In NIS? how to do u create NIS users and update Maps?

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what is multihomed system?

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Explain the more details of vmstat output?


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what is the difference between sc> and lom> ?

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what is the difference between svm and vxvm

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How to discover Global zone name from local Zone?

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How to set the path for core file?


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How many types of file system?

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Tell me how to discover global zone name from local zone?


How do you break the root password?


Explain the run levels that are used in solaris10?


Explain the difference between pid and ppid with example.


Tell me how to mount the floppy & cd-rom?


What are the ways in which replication agreements between directory structures be arranged?


environment? Is it heterogeneous (mix of linux, solaris,other UNIX)?


How can a user login to solaris?


What do you understand by mail aliases?


In solaris 10 root Disk is 98% full what steps to be taken?


List out a few performance monitoring tools.


How to solve the system hang issue.


How does a solaris cluster work?


Explain custom jumpstart procedure?


How can a user login to another system on his network remotely?