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Solaris General Interview Questions
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What are the last 2 columns listed with Vmstat? What is their significance?

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What are the monitoring tools do use ?

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What does ssh?

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What is master map?

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What is the cmd used to print default values get by user? Useradd –D

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What is the file holds default values get by user when new user is created ? /usr/sadm/defadduser

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What is the importance of shadow file?

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What is top cmd?

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What kind of issues you get?

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What type of job tickets do u handle?

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command used to synchronize changes done in /etc/passwd to /etc/shadow file?

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dif. b/w group and netgroup?

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environment? Is it heterogeneous (mix of linux, solaris,other UNIX)?

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how to check network card speed ? set it mode(half/full duplex)? ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-speed

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how to check network card speed ? set it mode(half/full duplex)? ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-speed ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-mode

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Un-Answered Questions { Solaris General }

What are nfs daemons?


Explain the difference between swap -l & swap -s?


How do you copy files from remote system using ftp?


What are nis daemons?


How does a solaris cluster work?


Explain the run levels that are used in solaris10?


Explain how to view shared memory statistics?


how to add your own run control script in server?


How to login to a remote host with solaris secure shell?


Tell me how to discover global zone name from local zone?


How can the output be redirected to some other action process in place showing it in the screen?


Explain how to kill a process.


How do you break the root password?


What do you understand by mail aliases?


How can threads be created in a solaris environment?