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Accounting General Interview Questions
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Labour charges paid to labour party on tds rate ? May be deductable ? Example Iron purchase 16.500 mt. Per ton broking charges 200.00

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What is Accruals ? How it is treated in finacials


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what is the purpose of preparing Bank reconciliation ?


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We have an boat manufacturing company .we customer order one boat the cost is 1130 .we have received advance 500 balance he will give after giving boat can you give me journal entry cash A/c Dr 500 customer A/c Dr 630 To Sales 1130 is this entry is correct ?if not please give me exact entry

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hello please anyone can help me, how to prepare the bank reconciliation statement?

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what is deemed assesse?

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Period I :- Sales= Rs 15000. Profit= Rs 400. Period II :- Sales= Rs 19000. Profit= Rs 1150. Calculate : a) P/V ratio. b) Profit when sales are Rs 12000. Cc) Sales required to earn a profit of Rs 2000. d) Margin of safety in period II. e) variable cost in period I.

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how to we pass a purchase entry in item invoice mode where some advance has been paid to the party. the purchase entry should get offset with the advance payment entry so that it does not appear in the bill outstanding or bills due list. please guide.thank you


what is accounts payable ..what is accounts receivable

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wages and labour entry

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excess cash withdraw from bank for staff salary than remain amount deposited into bank., what will be journal entries for above transactions

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how to enter in tally propritor has withdrawl cash from the business

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Definition of accounts payable

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I purchased a machine and finance it by bank with the amount 1900000 and bank apply the finance charge 440000 for 3 years finance how to pass this entry still machine value is 2200000 is finance charge is interest (indirect exp.) pls help me.


difference between outstanding and accrued exp.?


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What is the provision?


Revenue Expenditure


What are assets minus liabilities?


Tell me what is the abbreviation for the accounting terms debit and credit?


What are mis reports?


wat is mass allocation and when it is used


What is the distinction between cost accounting and management accounting?


What do you know about this position?


sir ,can effect on wbs element after wbs selected in t code : FBCJ for cash receipt?


Anti Takeover policies


"Closed Period" method. our current company method of accounting is called the "OPEN PERIOD". It's time we'd like to use the "CLOSED PERIOD". What is the standard timing and detailed procedure for closed period most of the company have been used. Please advise. thanks.


Please let me know Under head of Sales Advance?


What are the advantages of double entry system?


Recent banking question for 2015 interview for scale2 exam of sbm


Please help me in this entries Pass accounting entries for the following transaction in the books of XYZ company. A rendered professional service to company XYZ and sent an invoice dated 01/01/2016 for Rs 1,00,000/- + service tax Q1. Pass journal entry for the invoice received considering the service tax and TDS. Q2. Payment was made on 01/02/2016 by cheque. Pass payment entry.