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Accounting General Interview Questions
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What is the meaning of Decommissioning liability, explain in which serious we will use?


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Can any one tell me about Accounting Software, which Accounting software is useful for my studies ?

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How use Budget in SAP, i want to see the report of variant between budget and actuals.


What is Time capital


we can transfer stock between two firms with same name but prop. is different.


what is a suspense account ??

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What Does Capacity Cost Mean?

Honeywell, JPMorgan Chase,

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when we debit any party in our account?


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what type of acounts is share application account

KPSC Karnataka Public Service Corporation,

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What Does Phantom Gain Mean?

CompuCom, Ernst Young,

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Hai i'm sujatha,i completed MBA (Finance)2010 and then i done SAP FICO ,Now i want search jobs on sap .For getting SAP FICO Consultant job what are the require skill for me?

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what is the meaing of Purely Temporary Erections as per income tax act

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why are the company hire you.

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While calculating TDS are we to take the value+Tax and then arrive at or take only the value

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"Trial Balance is not a comclusive proof of the accuracy of the books of accounts." Explain this statement and describe the errors which are not disclosed inspite of the agreement of trial balance.



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what is general accounting


If there is an excess amt of TDS paid under the head TDS on contractor, then how it can be shown in Annexure of TDS return?


How will service tax & excise be charged?


What is use of statistics in accounting?


If a prospective client kept presenting you with excuses not to buy, what would you do?


Please provide me the entire format of P.F. & ESI


How many types of business transactions are there in accounting?


What is mutual fund sub accounting?


what is an ideal organisation


I have transferred the Plant & machines to our Branch which are located in other state. plz told me how can i show the Machin stk trfr amt in return?


what are the direct expense of loan department in banks.


There is no item category assigned to account


Do you know offset accounting?


Tell me do you possess any knowledge about accounting standards?


Explain a time when you have not met your goal?