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Accounting General Interview Questions
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why should be mention capital in liabilities side

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sir, what is the tangible assets, intangible assets

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sir what is the depreciation and how to calculate depreciation as per company books, i need as per IT ACT, AND Companies Act give me clarification with example


tell me bill payable head and entry in tally

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What do you mean about TDS And Sale tax retrun

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What is the Bank Reconciliation? And How i can do its entry in busy Software

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Can I do ca without maths as a subject...?

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Wages posted twice what is the entry for that?

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contents of an invoice receipt? difference b/w statutory audit & internal audit? Where the bank book and the cash book will not reconcile? difference b/w income & expenditure a/c & p/l a/c? what is ERP? what is full form & the application of SAP? Why income statement prepared? What are the reasons where Balance sheet will not tally? How do you calculated Closing stock in the trading a/c? When will the cash book have a Credit balance? Why do you prepare p/l appropriation a/c? What are the 4 difference b/w public and private company? What do you mean by Contingent liability? Explain: Accrual Concept 1. Realisation concept? 2. Accounting concept?

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Explain the Realisation concept and Accounting concept? why do you prepare p/l appropriation account? 4 difference b/w public and private caompany? How do you calculated closing stock in tradind a/c? Contents an invoice receipt? classification of Error as per accounting? Diff btwn Satutory audit & Internal audit? Diff b/w reserves for bad debts and provision for bad debts? Where the Bank book and the Cash book will not reconcile? When will the Cash book have a credit balance?



What is ERP? Diff b/w Income & Expenditure a/c & P/L a/c? What is the fullform & the application of SAP? What is the reasons where Balance sheet will not tally?



what is turn over? what is vat? what should ido to become a expert in acount? plese ans me


hi m freshe working as a account assistance. i want know about accounts, what is balance sheet, profit & loss a/c, trail balance? why these are require to company? how can i know about full account work in tally? what should i do everyday? how to finalisation calculting? kindly explain please..


When you prepare Profit and loss A/C either you will get profit or loss but not both.Then why we are saying it as profit AND loss A/C,why cannot we say it is as Profit OR loss account?


we are selling a device for 6000 and the company want to replace that device with a new device which is a bit more than the prior price say 7000. how we can account this?


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i want to know f form and how to use and how can purchase




what is share application money pending allotment?


What does a demo/presentation need to be effective?


1. The following data is available. Determine the Break Even point in Sales: Sales : $1,800,000/- Fixed Expenses : $ 375,000/- Variable Expenses : $ 1,200,000/-


What is accounting transaction?


Hi Everybody, Can anybody tell me how to create ledger in Peachtree Accounting software, means there are some Code, which Codes Comes under which ledger Account.your prompt Answer will be highly appreciated, Thanks & regards, Khan


what is one way , two way matching , three way , four way matching ?


Tell me what does the standard journal entry includes?


how to calculate the per unit cost of production


What is balance sheet and off balance sheet?


what are doucement required under registration of properity firm. give the answer breif


As you know account executives need to be talented salespeople. Do you have experience making sales?


if a sole proprietor pays his firms insurance policy , How it should treated in books of accounts? whether it should be treated as investment? or indirect expenses?or drawings?


Tell me why do you apply for a job of an account executive?