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Accounting General Interview Questions
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purchasing of software more than Rs.8000/- will be treated as expense or assets

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are tpt, freight & packing charges part of sales & purchase ??


My question is- are tpt,freight & p & f charges part of sales & purchase when it include in invoice. suppose if goods value 20000 freight chrg 425.00 total sales will be 20425 or only 20000.00 how it will effect ?? pls clear

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what is tax invoice and retail invoice


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Balance Sheet comes under which account? a)personal a/c, b) real a/c, c) nominal a/c

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what is the journal entry of payment received after deducting tds?

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what is accounting

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what will be the possible question for an interview in account post as a fresher


What is the journal entry for goods sold to Mr A in 1 month credit of rs 5000. and also pass entry for non repayment of money after 1 month by Mr A. (What entry will come for this?)

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what is the capital expenditure

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What is difference between Cash Flow and fund flow


A Company has not deposited its ESI /PF dues from 01-04-10 till 31-12-10 in a year (Both the shares). What is the maximum time limit for that and is the liability as on date. Management wants to daly at the maximum, but want the calculations of each & every aspect- monthwise. The avrerage no. of employees are 50 and the salary is around 2.00 to 2.5 Lacs per month.


A company has not deposited TDS since April 2010 till 31-12- 10. TDS amount is around 3.00 Lacs per month u/s 194c,J and 1.00 U/s 192. Can any one tell concequences and chart in excel sheet how much to be deposited as on 31.12.2010 with interest. For each quarter - whether interest calculation is separate or to take it cumulative. pls explain with qanswers and hoe much panely , interest to be paid till 31.12.2010 also inform the status of tds certificates to be issued and panelty for the same for late issuance. i.e what shud be the date of issuing the certificates to public & empoloyees.

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What is the meaning of deferred revenue and expenditure, give examples

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How Advances to suppliers for purchase of raw materials is to be considered while calculating Drawing Power


HI, i was given only 1st round and i made it through the first round, then was sent for the final HR round.In the HR round the HR manager dint ask me a single question of the related job,all he asked was as following:- i)what are your salary Expectations ii)are you ok to do night shifts.then he thanked me and said he will let me know by 2 days,when i asked him for any feedbacks and suggestions he said that he will let me know only after 2 days.SO please help me what shall i expect from this one of a kind interview. Many thanks in advance.


adjustment entry showing in tally such as outstanding salary prepaid salary etc.


Detail your responsibilities in accounts receivable


What are the functions of manger -accounts and manager-finance?


what is basic general accounting.


Mention the types of accounts involved in double entry book-keeping?


Have you ever made mis reports and what are they?


Please give me a suggession to calculate the T.D.S,E.S.I,P.F, From salary which is in gross Rs. 15000/.


Tell us how can you define departmental accounting?


A company purchase goods Rs.2000/- & input vat received rs.100/- but at the time he sold goods 1000/- as a sales & 1000/- as a sock transfer. plz tell me how much take input claim in this case.


what are cost accounting and its applications?


Hai i have completed MBA in HR(major) And Marketing (minor). Now applying FInance if it possible please tell me


What's the accounting entry when an Invoice is created in AR?


I have passed in SBI clerical exam 2009 , pls tell me what question will be asked for interview .pls mail it on my email id