Physics Interview Questions
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what is a geostationary satellite?what are its applications?

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How to caluculate moment of inertia of a hollow cylinder about its axis?

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How to caluculate the coefficient of restitution?

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HOW do u caluculate the luminous efficiency?


what is floation?

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what is principle of superposition?

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what is coma?

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what is difference between resolving power of telescope and microscope?


what is lateral magnification?

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What is Integral Fast Reactor (IFR)?

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what is the structure of atomic nuclei and how do complex systems derive their properties from their individual constituents?



why do some stars end up as black holes but others don't?

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How is time changed in a Blackhole?

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Do all objects in the universe exert force on all other objects?

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How are surgical lasers different from the lasers that they use on Star Trek?

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Is their any rule in significant figures that maximum number of significant figures in a number are 5


the resolutions of a michelson interferometer operating with a light source of 640nm wavelenth is A.1280nm B.640nm C.80 nm D.1nm


An ice-box is built of wood 1.75 cm thick, lined with cork 3 cm thick. If in the steady state the temperature of the inner surface of the cork is 0 ºC and that of the outer surface of wood is 12 ºC, what is the temperature of the wood-cork interface? The thermal conductivities of wood and cork are 0.2 W/m-K and 0.04 W/m-K respectively


What is the procedure to apply research papers leading to get Noble Prizes? I have developed a new theory on Earthquakes and willing to get it published in some International Journals.Can any one guide me where and how to send my research papers for publications?


Consider earth's equator is covered with a measuring tape touching the ground such both the ends touch each other. if the tape is lifted 1 meter from the ground, what would be the distance between two ends of tape?


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explian construction and working of various dye lasers


what is applicable Mineral sometines are showing fluorescence


Shall i get Section engineer S & T question paper? (Railway recruitment board)


the greatest diversity of animal and plant species occurs in


what is the mean of g= 9.8m/s2. waht is the mean of unit m/s2


explain principle of potentiometer