Physics Interview Questions
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what is a geostationary satellite?what are its applications?

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How to caluculate moment of inertia of a hollow cylinder about its axis?

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How to caluculate the coefficient of restitution?

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HOW do u caluculate the luminous efficiency?


what is floation?

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what is principle of superposition?

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what is coma?

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what is difference between resolving power of telescope and microscope?


what is lateral magnification?

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What is Integral Fast Reactor (IFR)?

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what is the structure of atomic nuclei and how do complex systems derive their properties from their individual constituents?



why do some stars end up as black holes but others don't?

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How is time changed in a Blackhole?

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Do all objects in the universe exert force on all other objects?

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How are surgical lasers different from the lasers that they use on Star Trek?

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Un-Answered Questions { Physics }

For measuring weight of 2cm3 piece of density 4gm/cm3 which spring balance is best suited what is the range and least count how we calculate


explain principle of potentiometer


what is the mean of g= 9.8m/s2. waht is the mean of unit m/s2


In universe there exist temperature of 1000000 degree Centigrade, does there also exist the temperature of -1000000 degree centigrade ?? (in order to satisfy newton's second law)


the greatest diversity of animal and plant species occurs in


i need the working and properties of the sextent and all the objects and much more about sextent..


What is ampourpose?


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in case of broad band connector, where the data is being transferred thorugh OFC, during this course a light enery is created for carrying data, whether this light energy is created by broad band connect or it is created by virute of functions of the subscriber or not?


Why a capacitor is a voltage sensitive device?


what is applicable Mineral sometines are showing fluorescence


how help physics in bank


how does fog forms...???


what are the Newtons principles? what is mean by gravitational force? what is mean by space technology? what is the use in space technology?