USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions
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What is your marriage date?

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Can you show some of his pay-checks?(original)

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Why do you want to go to US? Or why do you need a visa to USA?

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What were you doing before marriage?

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For how long have your husband?s been working with client. (OR) Systems People?


What will you do after your visa is completed/expired?


Are you wearing the same wedding necklace?

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What is your father-in-law's name?

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For how long have your husband been working with employer

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Why are you coming today for visa when you got married so and so date?


Which company does your spouse work for?


Where will you stay in USA?


When/what is your husband?s date of birth?

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What is your husband's residential address?

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Can I see some pay stubs from your spouse’s paycheck?

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my mother's real brother is a usa citizen and he applied for my mother as a blood relation immigration year 2001.i am 23 years old and doing studies and fully dependent on my question is that i can also apply for immigration with my mother or not ?


Is your marriage registered?


I applied for dependent H4 visa on 2/17/10 how much time it will take fir getting H4 visa


Hi, I have B1 Visa from my employer and it is valid till 2017, just recently i have got my H4 visa from my wife's employer. If i travel to US with H4 visa will my B1 visa w remain valid? Please explain.


is to get H4 visa so difficult? my visa has been rejected twice when i tried for F2 dependent visa . now my husband has H1 visa... so now is it easy for me to get H4 visa?


How long has your spouse been in USA?


I want to convert H4 to H1. any cosultancies in India/US that can help me? Is it legal to do so?


How did you meet your spouse?


When you have married? (OR)When did you got married?


Why did you not leave with your husband?


Hi, I have baby(10 monthe old) and i want my mother as to be taken care of him with me. Is it possible to take my baby and my mother as dependent with me?


i'm going to apply for H VISA my hubby's resi add in VISA is our old add which he has not updated but mine is new add will there be any probs in interview i have our current resi agreement copy


For how long have your husband?s been working with client. (OR) Systems People?


Hi, I went to the USA in Feb 2008 on an H4 visa, there i applied and got an H1 visa. However for some reason i had to get back to my country- India in Nov 2008 - Now, i am going back to the USA next month as my husband has got a job opportunity there. I have a few queries : If i go on my H4 Visa, will my H1 visa still be valid? Should i go for a stamping againg for my H4 visa. My H4 will expire only in the later months, do i still need to get it stamped in my scenerio I do not have a job currently in the US. can i go on my dependant Visa as my husband is in the US. Look for a job and then get my Visa stamped . Please suggest.


Hi im 74 yrs old, recently bereaved of my husband, i have never visited the US. My Son is a US citizen through the lucky draw and my daughter is married to a US citizen for over 15years. I intend to immigrate to the US and live the rest of my days with my son, could someone please help me with type of questions that i may be asked at the H4 visa interview.