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USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions
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Where are you staying currently? With whom you are staying? Who are you staying with?

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Where is your husband/spouse working in USA? (OR) Where is he working/located/staying in USA?


Have you ever been to US before


Can you please show me your tax returns,?


What does your husband do in US?

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Where did he get his education-school/college?


Were both from same caste.

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When did you met your husband?

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Why did you not leave with your husband?


Which university did your spouse graduate from?

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How long has your spouse been in USA?


Is your marriage registered?


Do you want to work in the US?

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What is his number?

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How much he is earning or what is the annual income of your spouse?

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What will you do after your visa is completed/expired?


Can you please show me your tax returns,?


Hi, I went to the USA in Feb 2008 on an H4 visa, there i applied and got an H1 visa. However for some reason i had to get back to my country- India in Nov 2008 - Now, i am going back to the USA next month as my husband has got a job opportunity there. I have a few queries : If i go on my H4 Visa, will my H1 visa still be valid? Should i go for a stamping againg for my H4 visa. My H4 will expire only in the later months, do i still need to get it stamped in my scenerio I do not have a job currently in the US. can i go on my dependant Visa as my husband is in the US. Look for a job and then get my Visa stamped . Please suggest.


What business their Employer is in to?


Hi,my wife is travelling to canada in work permit for 2years,what are the documents required for me to travel with her as dependent.


What if we dont have fire ceremony photographs?how to justify them?


Why did he leave the first job? What was the company's name?What was he working there as?


My husband is on H1B visa.I have the photocopy of I797 of my husband with me not the original. I am going for the H4 interview so i would like to know if i should carry original I797 document or the photocopy of I797. do they reject me if I dont carry the original of I797?


Your husband graduate from which university?


How long has your spouse been in USA?


Hi im 74 yrs old, recently bereaved of my husband, i have never visited the US. My Son is a US citizen through the lucky draw and my daughter is married to a US citizen for over 15years. I intend to immigrate to the US and live the rest of my days with my son, could someone please help me with type of questions that i may be asked at the H4 visa interview.


Where is your husband/spouse living in USA?


Why did you not leave with your husband?


Where will you stay in USA?


how much time it takes to process USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa??