USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions
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For how long have your husband?s been working with employer


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How did you met you husband?

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Where is his employer located?

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What kind of work does your spouse do at the USA Company?

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Where are his clients located?

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When did your husband get his stamping?

US Consulate,

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What is your spouse’s date of birth and place? husband's age?

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When and how did you meet your spouse for the first time?

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Does your husband have any relatives in US?

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Are you traveling alone?

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Who will pay for your trip to the US?

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Have you ever called your husband?

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How many people came for your marriage? And What was the food served?

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How long do you know your husband?

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Can I have a look at your spouse's bank statements?

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Who is sponsoring in your husbands H1?


Why are you coming today for visa when you got married so and so date?


respected sir/mam,my husband is working in us from feb 6,2012 so i am not having his pay slip and bank statement and I-797 form.will u please suggest me.thank u


What type/kind of visa you are applying for?


Can you please show me your tax returns,?


hi i am going to atten the h4 visa interview........i am a doctor. do they ask me about my education,why ur not going in that visa type...shud i say about my education or shud not disclose that can any ony help me.........


What business their Employer is in to?


Did you have an arranged or love marriage?


Hi, i am priyanka, we got married on 5th may, husband is working for mnc hcl in noida, now he is working in us for a project from last one month(21/05/11). i am a house wife and i am compleatly dependent on him, thats why i am thinking to go there. so please suggest me which type of questions will be asked to me in my visa interview.


Hi, I have baby(10 monthe old) and i want my mother as to be taken care of him with me. Is it possible to take my baby and my mother as dependent with me?


Where are you staying currently?


Hi, I have B1 Visa from my employer and it is valid till 2017, just recently i have got my H4 visa from my wife's employer. If i travel to US with H4 visa will my B1 visa w remain valid? Please explain.


I am unable to check the views provided by ppl earlier.. My question is the same as the ones asked before.. I want to convert my H4 to H1. Any consultancies in the US?


hi im afreen rafee i got the f1 visa for usa on july 19th 2010 n i tuk differment for jan intake 2011 nw i want to takemy 14 mnths baby along with me infact i got my baby f2 I20.prob is wen i went to interview i said my husband stays in india actually he stays in usa ..anyhow i got the visa but nw wat shd i tell wen i go with my baby ?wat r the chances of getting my baby visa?n also plz send me the qustionaire of dependent visa interview .i iwll b w8in for ur reply n im gng 4 the interview shorly so early reply will b appreciated.


Your husband graduate from which university?