QTP Interview Questions
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Did you find anything in your project that QTP proved inefficient to perform?

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Under what conditions would you recommend QTP for future projects?

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How many scripts did you have?


How often were they executed?

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How many lines of code in each script of QTP?


Did the scripts need lot of maintenance? If yes, why?


Dear Friends, I having total 3+year experience in manual testing including automation testing QTP, if i am attending any interview what kind of question will i get? please help me out


How many ways return more then one value from function?

Ingram Micro,

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how your doing reporting in your script?


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How do I get the QTP scripts result in xml format by using vb script function?


hi.what is exactly mean by real time frame work? every institute teach Framework is nothing but having 6 to 7 folders..and save repositories functions keywords and scripts? this is enough or not? can we beleive?

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diff between global variables and environment variables in qtp?


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why we are using environment variables instead of global variables?


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Tell me about your project? please help me how to tell about insurance project

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What is the difference between driver-script and AOM-script?

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what is clean sweep?


Should have experience in framework means?


How will you report the bug and explain the defect tracking sheet you handled?


How to check feasibility of the appliction?in automation testing?


how to evalute defects in QTP script?


Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to connect the QC with QTP using QTP script? Thanks in advance


If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


How can you write the scripts that operate on different objects depending on run-time information?


How u will do versioning in QTP?


how to download mercury qtp9.2 ny internet ?


Hi Friends... By using QTP , can we test .net products...and that product supports different languages.. thanx in advance..


In the application that I'm testing is having a WYSIWIYG editor.QTP is recording editor's body as web element. I want to add some data to this web Element at run time. The problem is that I cant find a method to add contents to this web Element. Can any one come up with an answer for this. Thankx.


am not having intrest in coding lang like c c++ java etc can i choose Testing tools as my carrier and please suggest me which tool is good (suitable for me)


what r the main attributes of test automation?


Our company is having a windows client server application developed in vb.net. so there is a treeview and i am not in a position to record the click events in QTP. so kindly help. Vivek