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QTP Interview Questions
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Please clarify Automation and QTP both(names) are same or diff?

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explain keyword driven framework with banking domain?



If 3 browsers are opened in our system, how to enter the facebook url into second browser by using descriptive programing

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now a days which one is using all companies for qtpscript a)Object Repository based script b)Descriptive program based script c)BOTH

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Shared Object Repository is preferable while dealing with dynamic objects ok? descriptive prog also same? ok but why descriptive?(only for w/o application)


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hi, i am trying to capture "web element" names in a web page, and i written the code like this,, with Browser("title:=") with .page("") .webelement("htmltag:=...").getroproperty("innertext") end with end with //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// QTP RETURN ERROR like this: " object's description matches more than one of the objects currently displayed in your application. Add additional properties to the object description in order to uniquely identify the object" ok fine , i need to search another property other than "index" i use all the properties like class,text,innerhtml,innertext,visible=true,x , y,abs x ,abs y...but qtp returns error ..... in this webpage index is difficult to find? how to solve


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how to test one edit box using dotnet addin for Web Applications? write script?

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how to test one edit box using Java addin for Web Applications? write script?


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How to test the login page in different ways in automation testing and i need code?



who is the best faculty in HYD? Nageshwar rao or GC reddy?

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What will be the output of the statements below? On error Resume Next Sum 100/0 if Sum= 0 Then msgbox "Pass" else msgbox "Fail" End If


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We have an action attached with the library file in QTP. When I will click on run button,which file is going to be executed first a)Action b)Library

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How did you achieve reusability via QTP?

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Did QTP prove efficient for your project? Yes or No, explain?


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How the exception handling can be done using quicktest professional (qtp)?


What is text check point and text area check point?


Dear sir, i want to perform a QTP automated testing for mechancial engineering software like msc adams, msc nastran this softwares will help for mechanical engineering design analysis>> i know oad runner win runner, test director, QTp>> but i dont know how to use for automation


Hello, Is there any way to send the test results in html format (or any other) by email using outlook after the test run ends? thank you in advance


we use a file extension .properties why is it used and where do we use it plz help me out with detailed explanation and navigation of how to use on the QTP 8.2?


How to handle dynamic objects in quicktest professional?


How many test scenarios you have automated? How many time it will take to execute 30-40 scenarios? What SDLC model you are following? How often you will execute your test scripts? Because of some changes, your test scripts failed? When you will update your test scripts? How much time it will take to update? Do you know how to connect database? Do you know the direct method to count no. of records (or) rows present in record set once query is executed? How will you create the connection string? How did you resolve conflicts present in Object Repository? How good you are in VB? How will you work on Excel Application? How will you select Excel sheet? If you want to select 10 sheets, will you create 10 separate objects? Given string is “abcd”. What are the methods you will use to display “dcba”? Drives script – explain the frameworks? How you are updating results for each test? What is start up, configuration, navigation scripts? If you are not able to understand the application (some module), who will teach you? What test cases to be automated? When to be automated? What is the testing process you are following? What life cycle you are following? When you will use Descriptive Programming? Do you have the permission to add objects into shared object repository? (OR) someone will maintain SOR? Do you know how to add objects into shared object repository? How many test cases you have automated? How much time will it take to execute? What is complex in automation? When you feel automation is complex? Tell me one scenario, the complex functionality you have automated in your project? Excel sheet having some datas and some datas present in the application (in table). How will you compare these two datas? Write code to fetch datas from Excel sheet. Rate yourself in SQL? Display the employee name who is getting maximum salary? sal ID Salary name 001 100 002 500 003 300 ID 001 002 003 Ename A B C Have you written any test cases while you are in Automation? Manual Testing also will you do or you will work only in automation?


How will you check a web application for broken links using qtp?


What are the advantages of qtp?


iam have done mba(finance)in 2008. in 2008 one reputed consultancy came off campus interview our institution. i got job as "manual test engineer". now iam working as "manual testing engineer". now my problem is when iam going interview the interviewer asking like " ur mba gradute how can u get job in test engineer." this question i have faced every interview. iam explaining how iam getting job. but they are not trust me". pls tell me answer how i am giving relavent ans.. this is my mail id


Any body have QTP 9.5 licence key. please provide me at


what r the main attributes of test automation?


how can we test the Triggers, Cursors, Indexes while doing Database testing in DTP??


Discuss quicktest professional (qtp) environment?


what are all the fileds present in object repository?