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Hi, one script having 10 Actions,but i want to execute only 3rd action and 7th action? how to execute selected actions? throgh script and through navigation?


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if there is two login button in your page, how you know that this login button is correct for login .

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in login module login button chage regularly(means login button change to submit button).What is the code for it.

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Hi frnds, for ex.. we got a job in wipro, they will give me one mail id.. "Rameshkumar@wipro.com", where to open this mail id..in which sw ? or outlook?

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hi guys we r working in office...we write some scripts..suddenly we have a work(5min only) in out side..what will do now,,,used to system shut down or log off or lock or sleep mode,switch use or hibernate?


write a regular expression pattern for xyz?123?


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I have 3 browsers i want to give facebook url in 2 nd browser using qtp

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suppose take one row in a row 16 columns is there.in 16 columns 16 numbers is there.but i want to get each 3 column number.o/p :5 columns get in 16 columns means. so can anybody write this function? plz send if u know the answer.


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can i login a page by giving username and password and click on ok button through database parameterization.and if its yes then please write the code of that

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can i automate java web application using qtp web addin only not using java addin


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if we can find the status of script in qtp that either it's pass or fail then why we need to put this status on different excel file or log file in hybrid framework .please let me know asap thanks


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how can i parameterize a login page by using database parameterization i fetch the username and password from database and put this on login page and click on ok button. so how can we write script for that code please let me know asap thanks


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please tellme ordernal identifiers in QTP?

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what is impact analysis on regression testing?



What are the framework folders?

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How to use debug tools?


There are 10 rows in the datatable. How can we fetch 2 rows and then skip 3rd row. After that, pick 4th & 5th row and skip 6th row. Please share code


When we r doing data driven test with chkpts, i want to insert formulae in data sheet but i didn't get. How we wil do that plz. explain in detail.


How can you write the scripts that operate on different objects depending on run-time information?


what is Property......End Property loop? how to write sript for it in QTP


hi in real time who will execute the qtp test scripts? my faculty said, in a companty automation testers are written the test scripts and manual testers are execute the test scripts...IS IT RIGHT OR NOT?


Write a script to verify font style and color of a windows object using descriptive programming


Key word driven framework


What is the difference between QTP and WinRunner? Why do you choose only QTP for automation among remaing tools like Rational robot and silk test? Write the VBscript for any functionality in your project ? What is the cost of QTP ? If you entered into yahoo mail with your valid user name then you will get FOR EXAMPLE , " welcome to krishna " on the top of inbo page , how can you test it in QTP? What type of testing you can do, when we gave you 5 screens and how can you test that application? What type of framework you are using in your company and explain it?


How to build scripts that access data from external sources?


how to do the batch testing in test director using manual testing procedure?


What is throw object?


Can any one say what exact diff between test->parameters, action properties-> parameters. after defining the parameters in test->settings, how can we access those parameters.(i know how to use action prop parameters)


how to post xml data from QTP scripts to any application?


How to Test the mainframe application?