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Hi, one script having 10 Actions,but i want to execute only 3rd action and 7th action? how to execute selected actions? throgh script and through navigation?


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if there is two login button in your page, how you know that this login button is correct for login .

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in login module login button chage regularly(means login button change to submit button).What is the code for it.

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Hi frnds, for ex.. we got a job in wipro, they will give me one mail id.. "Rameshkumar@wipro.com", where to open this mail id..in which sw ? or outlook?

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hi guys we r working in office...we write some scripts..suddenly we have a work(5min only) in out side..what will do now,,,used to system shut down or log off or lock or sleep mode,switch use or hibernate?


write a regular expression pattern for xyz?123?


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I have 3 browsers i want to give facebook url in 2 nd browser using qtp

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suppose take one row in a row 16 columns is there.in 16 columns 16 numbers is there.but i want to get each 3 column number.o/p :5 columns get in 16 columns means. so can anybody write this function? plz send if u know the answer.


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can i login a page by giving username and password and click on ok button through database parameterization.and if its yes then please write the code of that

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can i automate java web application using qtp web addin only not using java addin


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if we can find the status of script in qtp that either it's pass or fail then why we need to put this status on different excel file or log file in hybrid framework .please let me know asap thanks


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how can i parameterize a login page by using database parameterization i fetch the username and password from database and put this on login page and click on ok button. so how can we write script for that code please let me know asap thanks


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please tellme ordernal identifiers in QTP?

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what is impact analysis on regression testing?



What are the framework folders?

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HI, pls help me on this, iam not able to capture getcelldata value in javatable... msgbox javawindow("").javatable("").getcelldata(3,3) but it diaplays empty...


What is Port testing. Whhen will you perform?


Hi Friends... By using QTP , can we test .net products...and that product supports different languages.. thanx in advance..


How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp


Explain about business process component? types and usage?


what is key word driven frame work ? why it is called like that ? what is the diference between keyword driven and data driven frame work ?


What we are looking for is to load properties of object dynamically as for our application the global repository will pretty huge. It will be really helpful to us if something similar to following functions of Winrunner is available in QTP. #Define descriptor auto strDesc; #set property in the descriptor Gui_desc_set_attr(strDesc,?Class?,?Edit?); --- put other properties #Add Edit box to GUI Map Gui_add(? ?,strWindowName,strEditboxName,strDesc);


can any boby tell me what is method or steps to connect the remote desk top by using QTP 9.2 version?


There is an built in window application in qtp9.1,i.e.Flight4.0.i want to implement the recovery maneger on it.How can i do this?


1--How many functions u develop 2--What is an array 3-- where is ur server 4--U involved in unit testing 5--how ur test the background colour using QTP


i need qtp tutorial. pls send it to sridhar.k151@g mail.com


What Folder Structure following in Keyword Driven Frame work?


Can QTP be used for GUI testing ?, We are using Java with MySQL and Operating system is Linux. We are NOT using the web.


hi to all, i need a code.. in flight application 1.i need to login first then i need to insert 3 new orders... 2.i have to log out 3.i have to login again with different user 4.need to insert 2 new orders 5.then need to log out 6.then again login with different user 7.3 new orders create and log out 8.but we hv to do this using data table and actions please help me


how to fetch the values from grid? & qtp recogniges that grid as a webelement? what u do?