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How many ways return more then one value from function?

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How many ways return more then one value from function? ..

Answer / suresh

what is mean by that script, which statements u can write in QTP TOOL and which statements u can write in Out side QTP? write with clesr info?

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How many ways return more then one value from function? ..

Answer / kurubaharibabu

Dear All,
I have updated all three ways the below code..

Function func1(a,b)
Dim c(3)
End Function
For i=0 to ubound(x)-1
msgbox x(i)
Function func2()
Dim c
End Function
msgbox x(0)
msgbox x(1)
Function func3()
Set dic=createobject("Scripting.Dictionary")
dic.Add "a","apple"
Set func3=dic
End Function
Set x=func3
msgbox x.Item("a")
msgbox x.Item("b")
msgbox x.Item("c")
Class user
Public var
Public cat
End Class
Function func4()
Set obj=new user
Set func4=obj
End Function
Set x=func4()
msgbox x.var

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