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i have an array CAPGEMINI .....Here i need to check whether G is there or not ..how to do that and friends i have one big doubt that is whether it is array or string ,how we come to know that and where we consider that it's array ,where we consider that it's an string because when i want to find the length i have big doubt whether we need to use len function or ubound ... ans me for this TWO Questions any one please

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I Scheduled a QTP Script on remote desktop. Script is going to failure,when remote desktop connection fails.I have to open my remote desktop untile the scripts exection completes. If I disconnect my remote desktop connection, script is going to fail.?


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We have 10 page.In first page we 2 popup and next page we 3 popup window......(windows name is different)how can we handle the all the popups without using recovery scenario


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I have a tool for automation testing (eg:qtp).I have two functionality(A & B) to test.A is tested once in a year. B is tested everyday. At present i have the money and resource availability to automate only one functionality.Which one will u suggest and why?


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I have 2 Environment variable which holds int. I called into my test and addedup. but output is concatenating the values instead of Sum. Ex. Envi("a")= 10, Envi("b") = 20, c= Envi("a")+ Envi("b"). msgbox c ( Ans.1020). How to overcome this pblm?


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I Have web table shown below ----------------------------------------| | orcut | GMAIL | NAUKRI | |----------|---------|-------------------| |HOT MAIL | MONSTER | VISIT FACEBOOK | |----------|---------|-------------------| |SKYPE ACC | IRCTC | GOOGLE | --------------------------------------- Here i have 2 question friends.. 1.i want to chick the link "VISIT FACEBOOK" is there or not if it's there i want to click the link 2.here how to find the web table row or column count ... don't write the excel or data table script here friends ..consider that it's a WEB TABLE


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str="QTP AUTOMATION TESTING" here how many T are there in the str finally i want to display the T


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what is object and child object.. explain ..if possible give some example for better understanding ..



hai friends i already ask this question but when i post the question the alignment goes wrong .....my question is we have a WEB TABLE ....assume that web table having 3 row's and 3 column here in 2nd row 3rd column having VISIT FACEBOOK link...now i want to check the VISIT FACEBOOK link is available or not ..if it's there i want to click the link ...then how to find the web table row or column count ....don't write the excel or data table script here friends .....consider that it's a WEB TABLE do a favour ...thank's

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How to data driven test for Win objects in QTP ?


hi, for QTP TRAINING......SURESH REDDY SMART SOLUTIONS sr.nagar IS BEST OR NOT? how faculty teaches?

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Your roles and responsibilities and daily tasks? (As automation tester)



how to export the result to notepad....for example i want to enter the user name and pass word and clicking on login button ......once you click on login button the corresponding page will open ...in that page you having one list box ...here you can get either success or failure ........friends here i want export the message what ever i got either success or failure .....how to export the result to note pad

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I want two test two agents login for the flight website. Here is the scenario: I want to go through 1-3 rows for one user login and other user login I want to go though 3-5 rows. How would you set this up in qtp. Thank You



hi i need to learn qtp its very urgent..pls tell me who is the best faculty for qtp in hyd..... and i plan to go foe mindq nageshwar rao? its good or not?

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what could go wrong with test automation?


how to fetch the values from grid? & qtp recogniges that grid as a webelement? what u do?


How many lines of code in each script of QTP?


how to evalute defects in QTP script?


hi i have completed my b.tech in cse stream. now i am working in an organisation in testing department. i want do sap course but i dnt know which module will boost my career can anyone suggest me which is good for my career


How often were they executed?


what are the limitations of smart identification in qtp 9.0


I have enrolled for a QTP course which is a four weekend course.Do you think its a good way to start off learning this tool?What all do i need with me in order to become a pro at using this tool?


can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


how do i know how to use tools


what are the mandatory properties for a tex boxc (scenario?)


Hi any body pls help me for QTP 11.0 software free demo version. i have to practice. Kindly send the link.or where i have to download.


how to use the QTP choose the data from oracle? e.g. i input the identity card NO. this will be add new record in the database ,and now i want get this record's prime key.


hi Friends ,willany body tell me what is the Scope for the automation Testing inht Future is their Or not And what is the Top Most Level in the testing section according the Pay scale


how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script