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In a web application , there is a table of rows and coloums , i want to pickup the 1st row and 3rd coloums name (not data)how can any one explain


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why we use check points , In qtp we use the any check points , what r they , when and why


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Hi guys pls any one send me the Qtp Licensed key of version 10.0 pls


What is Step generator in qtp? wt is the use? can u any body explain me? plz

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Which is the best QTP training institute in Delhi/NCR region and what is the approximate fee for QTP course (Basics and Advanced)


Hi All. Can you please explaing what is checkpoint? How it Will Work? what is meaning of "check checkpoint ("proprtname").how it will compate with expected value? Thanks in Advance............... Lakshmi

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What is Descriptive Programing? In which cases, we will go for descriptive programing?


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What is use of Global Sync Timeouts in QTP9.2?

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Hi, I will provide perticular age,it needs to enter date in text box (MM/DD/YYYY) compare to system date. or already exist data in the text box.


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How to automate the windows dialog box which is coming in the run mode? Whenever I run my scripts,I am getting dialog box ( for ex: Pls enter zipcode" eventhough I already entered the value,the dialog box pops up).I need to click it. Pls give some idea-How to automate the dialog box which is pop up in the runtime.

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Hi... Can anybody help me to write the vbscript for this question..!!! Am having a string "HELLO WORLD", i want to find how many "L"s are there.....????? --> HANEEF <--

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Hi..friends can anybody write the script for this question... Am having some 20 nos of links in a web application, i want to click some 5,13 & 17th links. So please....can anybody give the answer....??? -->Hani<--

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Hi All,I am in wierd situation that my laptop is installed with QTP11 and os is xp sp3.The problem is the descriptive programming which i have written is working in other laptops and it is not working in my laptop.it is clicking the link which is above the testbox instead of typing it in textbox below it.It is same with the other working scripts written by another person.

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Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint and I am storing the value in the data table. The stored value for column:bedroom:"Bed:4" The another value for column:bathroom:"Bath:2 Full,1 Partial" I need only the no 4 from the first column. I need only the no 2,1 from the second column. I used split array,but it also show array(0) has the value"bed:4" ..... Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4".How can I get only the nos Thank you Uma


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint for 2 webelements Bed:4 and Bath:2 Full,1 partial in my result page and I am storing the value in the data table. I dont need the string Bed:4,I would like to get only the no 4. How can I get it? Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4". Same thing happend for second webelement Bath:2 Full,1 partial I need only the No 2. I used the following to split MyArray = Split(UIBathResult, " ", -1, 1) But it is giving the value My Array(0)=Bath:2full,1Partial I need the only the nos for further comparision.Any help? Thanks Uma


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I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: ramakrishna908@gmail.com Regards, krishna.


what type of values given to objects. EX::Set oBrowser=Description.Create oBrowser(“micclass”).Value=”Browser”


hi all can any body explain how to write the script for finding the mandatory fields which are having [red Astrik sign (*)]


How will we compare the texts in the two word files using QTP writing the script in Descriptive Programming. Thanks


breef description of batch testing ?


HI, pls help me on this, iam not able to capture getcelldata value in javatable... msgbox javawindow("").javatable("").getcelldata(3,3) but it diaplays empty...


What we are looking for is to load properties of object dynamically as for our application the global repository will pretty huge. It will be really helpful to us if something similar to following functions of Winrunner is available in QTP. #Define descriptor auto strDesc; #set property in the descriptor Gui_desc_set_attr(strDesc,?Class?,?Edit?); --- put other properties #Add Edit box to GUI Map Gui_add(? ?,strWindowName,strEditboxName,strDesc);


how can i sent QTP results to the Html, notefile ,xl file give me the code using g mail login page


can anyone tell me from where i can download qtp demo or crack version


what type of run time errors you get while you ar edoing rpg program?


Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing


Can any one brief some detail on how the shared and action object repository utilized/implemented in a real time project. I already know how to make shared object repositor by saving OR as .tsr extension..I wanted the actual concept of implementation...couple of live examples will be highly appreciated. Thanks


explain abt dyanamic changing object with example?




For which type of projects the iterative model is not suitable?