I am using OutputCheckPoint for 2 webelements Bed:4 and
Bath:2 Full,1 partial in my result page and I am storing
the value in the data table.

I dont need the string Bed:4,I would like to get only the
no 4.
How can I get it?
Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full
value "bed 4".

Same thing happend for second webelement Bath:2 Full,1
I need only the No 2.

I used the following to split
MyArray = Split(UIBathResult, " ", -1, 1)
But it is giving the value
My Array(0)=Bath:2full,1Partial

I need the only the nos for further comparision.Any help?


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint for 2 webelements Bed:4 and Bath:2 Full,1 partial in my result pa..

Answer / nath. t

Function returnNumber(str)
For i = 1 To Len(str)
num = Mid(str, i, 1)
If IsNumeric(num) Then
returnNumber = num
Exit Function
End If
End Function

str1 = "Bed:4"
str2 = "Bath:2full, 1Partial"
str3 = "1Partial"
x = returnNumber(str2) 'You can send any string it will
find and return the first number in the String.
MsgBox x

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