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Through array we can execute the testcase how ? give me example



Is it possible to change the extension of Shared object repository?

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how to test a java project throughqtp?while testing a vb project we generally do vb scripting. but while testing java project do we use java script .plz some one can send me the manual for it my email roy_samata@yahoo.com thanks in advance

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if our qtp vb Script may be Currepted then What we want do?



I have a web table,in that web table in 3rd row 4th coloumn i have a link how to click it with descriptive programming? I have a webedit without entering any value how to calculate the size of that field? I have a DB table , how to find the 5th highest salary? write query.

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What is the use of breakpoint in qtp?


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how to click on object? (with out knowing the object details) for ex: in a webpage one link is available.i want to click that link by using one menthod through qtp?


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Hi, Can any one explain what is mean by Driver Script? is it AOM?


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want to learn real time automation project(QTP)?

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Whenever we r keeping mouse pointer under the image we r getting image name. In qtp how can we do this thing.weather that name is coming or not?

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any body want to learn qtp with real time concept on Banking domain contact ciraaj@gmail.com

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How To Export The Screen Shoots Along With The Test Reports In QTP Version 10? Thanks In Advance SenthilKumar

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There r 1000 rows and 1000 coloums , in that I want pickup a name of the coloumn , pls dont say in sql statements , in interview one of the interviewer said it was a wrong answer pls any send me answer its urgent

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write string reverse prog using vb script with out using string reverse statement();

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In qtp what type of data tables are used , name and list out them


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whow much strong on VB and C?


Hoe can we do retesting using functions please give the code for it using login page


What is post recovery scenario?


What is the script for database check point, bitmapchek point, regular expression ?


This is a question thats generally asked in every QTP interview. What were the problems that you faced during automation and how did you resolve them?


how can i call function (which has link with excell sheet at a remote location) within another function


can anyone tell me what to say in interview when interviewer asks about "tell me about your framework in your project"?


wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions Do we write in VB scripting


who QTP recognizes the object stored in object repository?


Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"


how do you parameterize search button from the website? the page is a single winobject and i have made a virtual object button of search button but search box can't be converted into a winedit and if we try to convert it into winedit the value we enter in a searchbox appears as numbers in the script so we arent able to parameterize.help!!!


What is file database?


I would like to directly import XL file and work on that XL file directly in QTp script in that XL sheet need to allocate workbench,XL sheet and generate two bar graphs automatically how to do that? plz let me know any answers?


how will load the object during runtime?


What is the meaning Work bench?