QTP Interview Questions
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What are the properties you would use for identifying a browser & page when using descriptive programming ?

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What are the different scripting languages you could use when working with QTP ?

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Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project?

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Few basic questions on commonly used Excel VBA functions.

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Explain the keyword createobject with an example.

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Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model.

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How to handle dynamic objects in QTP?


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What is a Run-Time Data Table? Where can I find and view this table?

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How does Parameterization and Data-Driving relate to each other in QTP?

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What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action.?

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Discuss QTP Environment.

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Explain the concept of how QTP identifies object.

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Differentiate the two Object Repository Types of QTP.

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What the differences are and best practical application of each.

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Explain what the difference between Shared Repository and Per_Action Repository

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Is QTP Supports SWT applications? If yes, can you write a sample script for opening a new package in eclipse.


What are the challenges you faced during you entire life automation ?


Can QTP be used for GUI testing ?, We are using Java with MySQL and Operating system is Linux. We are NOT using the web.


Hi friends did any budy attend accenture system test for qtp? if any budy pls drop questions.not only accenture any other mnc company which you attended system test(QTP)?it may helpful to others also


what are the critical test cases in crm? tell me atleast 5 critical test cases? what are the critical bug u find out while testing crm domain?


Can any give an example(if possible templates) how to test web application using QTP. thanks in advance


what is run-time data?


I have 5 save buttons in 5 tabs . The tabs are placed one after the other. My object repository have these added as 5 save buttons with name sav1, save 2, save 3 , save 4, save 5 .all are getting highlighted from OR but they are not getting clicked. After spying each button all the properties are same except First button Index 0 html id:=btnSaveTab1 outerhtml:=", Second button "html id:=btnSave "outerhtml:=", Third button "html id:=", outerhtml:=",


How do you compare the structure of 2 tables in database and check whether they are similar using qtp.


distinguish between old version and new version QTP features.


Consider one application is open, clicking one menu will open another application in another browser. QTP does not catch the URL of the second browser(second application). can we capture it ?


what QTP Options do you know?


how to find that tools work well with your existing system?


how can i pass a "automation script" as a parameter in a function give me need full suggestion thank inadvance


Can any one tell me how to write a script for selecting open option in File menu of A word document.here you have to add objects to OR.try like that and give me the ans.i asked this question to so many but no one knows.if any one know the answer plz let me know