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can we call a test in another test?


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I am using DataTable.ImportSheet method to import the data from an excel sheet to the Runtime DataTable of QTP. here is my piece of code DataTable.import("c:\DataSheet.xls","Members","Members") The first row headings of Members sheet of DataSheet.xls and Members sheet of QTp are matched. but the QTP is taking very long time(approximately half an hour) to import the data into runtime datatable even though the DataSheet.xls has one or two rows in it. Please let me know why this is happening and is there any alternative for impoting the data into runtime datatable of qtp ?

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one ok button and one text box is there.when i click on ok button in that text box one no. will display from 1 to 100 randomley.if that is not 100 when we click on ok button again ,again another text box ll created with another no. we will continue this till the text box created and displays 100.and when its 100 ok button should disabled. remember thet no will display not seriely ,it displays randomley,and each time new text box will created.


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Hi can anybody send me the QTP material, To my email ID: nuve1284@gmail.com ?


How can I use the value retrieved by OUTPUT VALUE check point as Input for other Actions?


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how many test scripts we will write in qtp? very urgent. please??? Thanks in advance..

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How do I modify a value of an elemnt which is not the first one in xml file? My sample XML file is like: Name Uday Kumar Designation Senior Software Engineer for example, I'd like to change the value 'Senior Software Engineer' to 'Student' in the second element. How do I do it in QTP?


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what is the diff between Procedure and function


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Hi Suppose u have complex Test scripts which u vl write first and which u vl execute first


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explain abt dyanamic changing object with example?



Can abody explain me Send keys concept

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what are the difference between qtp8.2 to 9.0 surya

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What is the need and applications of learning VB script for a automation(QTP) engineer ain Realtime ?

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Up to how much VB scripting knowledge and what type of VB script knowledge is required for a QTP test engineer for real time to work ?

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Can you tell me the differences between writing the VB script manually for a application and recording the same application in QTP , with a example?

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how to do the batch testing in test director using manual testing procedure?


How can i use virtual objects? If have i created one new virtual object in a virtual object manager by following instructions.


How many scripts did you have?


how to explain a claims and insurance project?


Why do you create a text checkpoint on a Web application? What is the purpose of the Close method?


we add library file used in test via settings or through "ExecuteFile" command. when we implement framework do we make common library file and load the same for all the test cases execution?


how can i pass a "cript"as a parameter in to a function


how can we test the Triggers, Cursors, Indexes while doing Database testing in DTP??


Hi we are using QTP9.0 for Seibel Application and this seibel application will give you a popup messagebox which is of web , so qtp takes 3 mins to recognize the messagebox and to click on it , we have more number of messageboxes like this . please suggest me some solution


Hi All, I have QTP installed on my machine but the application under test (AUT) is on remote desktop.My scenarios is like that,it should contain following steps. 1)Automatically it should click on start and then on remote desktop connection. 2)it should enter the IP address and then connect to remote desktop. 3)and then it should be able to record the application in remote machine and then run it also. Can somebody tell me how to record the application which is in remote machine.


i have a doubt can anyone tell me where are scripts stored while using QTP.Tell me the exact procedure takes place in real time?like how we call scripts how to proceed after writing scripts?how scripts are executed etc?i heard some use Qc whether others dont use.so tell me whole procedure for both the things it will be a very big help.as i have interview i want to have whole idea on this.its very urgent.


.have you ever written compiled module? if yes , tell me about some of the function that you wrote.


what type of run time errors you get while you ar edoing rpg program?


can any boby tell me what is method or steps to connect the remote desk top by using QTP 9.2 version?


hi guys, pls tell me for testing institution training hub, hitech city is best or not?