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QTP Interview Questions
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can we call a test in another test?


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I am using DataTable.ImportSheet method to import the data from an excel sheet to the Runtime DataTable of QTP. here is my piece of code DataTable.import("c:\DataSheet.xls","Members","Members") The first row headings of Members sheet of DataSheet.xls and Members sheet of QTp are matched. but the QTP is taking very long time(approximately half an hour) to import the data into runtime datatable even though the DataSheet.xls has one or two rows in it. Please let me know why this is happening and is there any alternative for impoting the data into runtime datatable of qtp ?

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one ok button and one text box is there.when i click on ok button in that text box one no. will display from 1 to 100 randomley.if that is not 100 when we click on ok button again ,again another text box ll created with another no. we will continue this till the text box created and displays 100.and when its 100 ok button should disabled. remember thet no will display not seriely ,it displays randomley,and each time new text box will created.


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Hi can anybody send me the QTP material, To my email ID: ?


How can I use the value retrieved by OUTPUT VALUE check point as Input for other Actions?


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how many test scripts we will write in qtp? very urgent. please??? Thanks in advance..

Mind Tree,

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How do I modify a value of an elemnt which is not the first one in xml file? My sample XML file is like: Name Uday Kumar Designation Senior Software Engineer for example, I'd like to change the value 'Senior Software Engineer' to 'Student' in the second element. How do I do it in QTP?


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what is the diff between Procedure and function


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Hi Suppose u have complex Test scripts which u vl write first and which u vl execute first


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explain abt dyanamic changing object with example?



Can abody explain me Send keys concept

Cap Gemini,

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what are the difference between qtp8.2 to 9.0 surya

Bally Technologies,

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What is the need and applications of learning VB script for a automation(QTP) engineer ain Realtime ?

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Up to how much VB scripting knowledge and what type of VB script knowledge is required for a QTP test engineer for real time to work ?

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Can you tell me the differences between writing the VB script manually for a application and recording the same application in QTP , with a example?

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Explain how qtp identifies object?


What is the expert view?


Can any body please tell me the steps of keyword driven frame work in qtp. My mail is please send some materials on keyword driven testing in qtp. thanks a lot...


What is file database?


What is different command used in command Prompt while using QTP?


How do you delete unwanted results in qtp?


what is test scheduleling?


How to find operating system information using the qtp script?


What are the two types of repositories available, explain them?


hi all here i have tab named "Workbench" By clicking on "workbench" displays 4 tabs like below workbench common cargo commercial charter "common" tab have 10tabs inside,"cargo" tab also haveing 15 tabs inside and remaining two tabs also having few tabs inside. when clicked on "common" displaying the script like tab("workbench").select"common" if i clicked on "cargo".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_2").select"cargo" if i clicked on "commercial".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_3").select"commercial" if i clicked on "charter".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_4").select"charter" I have used a "FOR LOOP" for common,commercial,cargo,charter was stopped at second tab SO, CAN I RECOGNIZE "WORKBENCH_2,_3,_4" AS A SINGLE VARIABLE if not, can anyone plese help me to solve this


How many tabs are available to view your test in a test pane and what are they?


Can launch two instances of qtp on the same machine?


How will you handle java tree in qtp?


I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: Regards, krishna.


I need Major Help with a Script I recorded in QTP 9.5. I am recording scripts for a Web-based application(s) I have all the URLs for each application in Excel spreadhsheet so that QTP can pull that particular application from the spreadsheet and run it. The problem is QTP isn't recognizing one particular URL so when I hit run in QTP to run this script it opens the internet Explorer but isn't open the URL I have in the Excel spreadsheet. I've retyped the URL and still QTP won't open this Particular one for some reason. The site its self is working fine but for whatever reason QTP won't open it. How do I resolve this? I have a deadline of next Friday the 7th to complete this task so please help me in any way you can. Thanks in advance