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Can you tell me any books or websites to learn VB Script for QTP ??

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What is the need and applications of learning VB script for a automation(QTP) engineer ain Realtime ?

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hi Action 1 and action2 if we save it in C:, what folders will be created explain plz


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.qfl extension for which file? where vl use it


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.qfl extension for which file? where vl use it


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Could any one tell me "How can i recognize my cursor position using QTP 9.2" Give me a scripts for this



What is TD plugin? For what purpose they are used . Ineed to connect QC9.2 with QTP 9.2 . Need to run some scripts IN QTP having the QC connectivity. Pls explain in detailed step Thanks in advnece


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how to test power point using QTP 8.2 ? What are different methods to retrieve value from Application during runtime ?


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what is key word driven frame work ? why it is called like that ? what is the diference between keyword driven and data driven frame work ?


how we connect oracle or sql data server database to qtp. Hi Ram I was your answer for this. Can you kindly let me know in details steps on How we can connect to database. i am using QTP9.2 and SQL Server Database. I am new for QTP and this would be of great help.Thanks

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can we call a test in another test? how? explain with one example?


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how to get column count in datatable

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qtp script for recording and running the application.need script for short cut keys like f3,f4 etc.how to write script for recording?

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suppose there r 10 action in a test i want to execute action 5 to 10 how would i do that

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How to do call a output parameter from one action to another action??/



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I am having major problems with some DB Table Checkpoints I add to my script. I 35 web based applications recorded and each has DB Table Checkpoints insert but only 1 script isn't recognizing the DB Table Checkpoints for some reason. I've checked the DB connections and the info in the Library Functions and still only this one script out of 35 doesn't recognize the DB Table Checkpoints. Can someone please help me figure out why only this one script out of 35 that's hitting the same database is having a problem.


suppose in the middle of the project QTP will not work properly, then what do u do? and ur team?


Does QTP10 supports Windows 7OS +IE 9 combination? Which is the preffered combination ,Plz let me know?


how can you do retesting (datadriven test) using notepad amd by using functions NOTE u should not use datatable methods


what is the difference between the modular framework and datadriven frame work


Did QTP prove efficient for your project? Yes or No, explain?


what are the utilities and drivers


In application which areas to be automated and what kind of situation will be take? using QTP? Plz give me the clear answer


how to i add the values using the check points property?( i.e valid data(for valid data it's giving the footer message:value is added) and for invalid data: special chars, spaces,Duplicates and null values (in my page when ever we enter special chars, spaces and null values, it's giving the proper warning message and for Duplicates it's giving the footer message:"value already exists)?


whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


can any one say that where we can download the QTP trail version ??????????


Problem with XML checkpoint in QTP ?


Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing


What is the framework your company is following. What is the reason. Explain why key word driven frame work is chosen.


what is the frame work in J-meter?