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Can you tell me any books or websites to learn VB Script for QTP ??

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What is the need and applications of learning VB script for a automation(QTP) engineer ain Realtime ?

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hi Action 1 and action2 if we save it in C:, what folders will be created explain plz


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.qfl extension for which file? where vl use it


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.qfl extension for which file? where vl use it


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Could any one tell me "How can i recognize my cursor position using QTP 9.2" Give me a scripts for this



What is TD plugin? For what purpose they are used . Ineed to connect QC9.2 with QTP 9.2 . Need to run some scripts IN QTP having the QC connectivity. Pls explain in detailed step Thanks in advnece


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how to test power point using QTP 8.2 ? What are different methods to retrieve value from Application during runtime ?


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what is key word driven frame work ? why it is called like that ? what is the diference between keyword driven and data driven frame work ?


how we connect oracle or sql data server database to qtp. Hi Ram I was your answer for this. Can you kindly let me know in details steps on How we can connect to database. i am using QTP9.2 and SQL Server Database. I am new for QTP and this would be of great help.Thanks

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can we call a test in another test? how? explain with one example?


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how to get column count in datatable

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qtp script for recording and running the application.need script for short cut keys like f3,f4 etc.how to write script for recording?

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suppose there r 10 action in a test i want to execute action 5 to 10 how would i do that

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How to do call a output parameter from one action to another action??/



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I want to write some certification courses, so friends could you guide me? which certification is best and how to write exam and what tutorials need to be studied,what to do first, I am working on automation tool QTP 9.2


After executing the script in qtp suppose i found some script execute successfully and found some error.So how to report the status for both (i.e pass and fail report)in test director. For "fail" We use "defect tab" in testdirector. But for "pass" how to report it to TL.what is the process plz anybody ans


how can we compare descriptive programing with a regular expression


Hello everyone! I am just writing a small test for a windows application. I have a problem with a text output value. The value i am trying to catch is presented in a scrollable textbox. When the text is too long, only a portion of it gets captured. Do you have any experience with this?


images are dynamically changes how to compare two images with out using the bitmap


How do you perform Regreession Testing?


how can i call function (which has link with excell sheet at a remote location) within another function


what is the advantages and disadvantages of using functions instead of re usable actions


Hi Friends this is kumar i would like to request to all of you ,please help me to explain real time project with using qtp scripts i know basics of qtp but it won't workout on interviews,pls help awating to reply.


Hi, I got error message as "object does not support this property or method: "Test.Actions" when i execute the following line of script on QTP 9.0 Dim qtApp, qtRep Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") Set qtRep = qtApp.Test.Actions("Action1").ObjectRepositories Can anyone tell me where i am wrong.


distinguish between old version and new version QTP features.


Whar are the challenges do we face while testing web based applications using the automation tool QTP or any??


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint and I am storing the value in the data table. The stored value for column:bedroom:"Bed:4" The another value for column:bathroom:"Bath:2 Full,1 Partial" I need only the no 4 from the first column. I need only the no 2,1 from the second column. I used split array,but it also show array(0) has the value"bed:4" ..... Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4".How can I get only the nos Thank you Uma


what is clean sweep?


How to Test the mainframe application?