WinRunner Interview Questions
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what is the advantage of INOUT parameter over OUT parameter?


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What is the difference between STATIC FUNCTION & STATIC?

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what is the use of _set_window in winrunner?


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Hai guys can any one tell me tnhe difference between the product testing and Project testing?

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After saving the tsl script of winrunner in TestDirector, if suppose any changes made to the script in ur winrunner would it get updated in TestDirector also???????

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hye.when we do recording,objects r indentified by GUI map editor.and respective script is generated.But my problem is that in GUI map editor objects r not stored-not their description.I tried 'LEARN' option in GUI map,even it is not working.So that i can't run my script.Tell me solution Thank you.

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plese tell me about vss?

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How to use winrunner?

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How do winrunner connects to SQL database and what option is use?

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How to test Fonts and its size thru "Font Expert" in Win Runner.


Please give an example for test case.

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wahat do u mean by exceptional handling in winrunner

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can anybody please send me important scripts in qtp

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Difference between actions and functions

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I want to do smoke test in my application but i have learnt the application before recording but im getting an error class name not found while running the script.I want to check each links and each text in my application. Can anybody answer my quesion plz.If it is possible i want test script for Yahoo login form with "New User" Login.


How to read the third party controls in the application


What all are the different databases winrunner can support?


Hi iam a begginer or rather new stsrter to QTP and strugling to start as i have to start writing the automated scripts for the existing manual testing could some one send me some tips ans tricks for a jump start. Any help is greatly appreciated


two file is there how will compate it by useing qtp.


How to check the background colour of the screen in WR?


supose 10 times text data is there but it will run 8 times whtat will you do.


Hiiiiiiiii This is lavanya.....At present i m working as a MATLAB developer at CMC(A tata enterprise)from about1 year .now i want to move to testing field as a fresher?Is this possible...can anyone give me a suggestion regarding d testing field.....


what are the differences you see in e-commerce and banking domain in testing point of view Thanks in Advance


How to find the local host name using winrunner ?


Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version?


How to test Fonts and its size thru "Font Expert" in Win Runner.


What is debug mode in Winrunner?


Dear all i am new to testing my company using and we are developing web based application. How i can test those application with winrunner if any one have some good tutorial or link kindly provide thanks u.


Write test scripts on a scenario where you have to transfer data from one table to another.