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How to count bulk of text boxes in a webpage

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WinRunner will suppost "Cold Fusion"?

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which is the latest version in Winrunner

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If we send the bug report but the developer didnt understood the bug report then will the tester do?

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what is the syntax for regular expression.dont send the types like regexp_label,regexp_msw_class


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How we conduct Regression Testing through WinRunner


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how do you know which software with version(ex.msoffice)available in our system,using tsl functions


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how many types of object repositories in winrunner & tell me difference for those

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how many types of run modes are there in Winrunner

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how do you use DLLs in winnrunner?

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I want to do smoke test in my application but i have learnt the application before recording but im getting an error class name not found while running the script.I want to check each links and each text in my application. Can anybody answer my quesion plz.If it is possible i want test script for Yahoo login form with "New User" Login.


Whole application is taking as single html frame while recording and learning but i want to learn each textbox,text,links whatever the page have.If we click any link in one page that will show another page so i want to learn that pages objects also.I want navigation steps or guidence plz

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Using the WinRunner Tool What that Regular Expression Scripts


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What the Script for Database Test Using WinRunner

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how can you explain your Real Estate Project in front of interviewer..? please step by step......


Write test scripts on a scenario where you have to transfer data from one table to another.


Hiiiiiiiii This is lavanya.....At present i m working as a MATLAB developer at CMC(A tata enterprise)from about1 year .now i want to move to testing field as a fresher?Is this possible...can anyone give me a suggestion regarding d testing field.....


The title of the window consists of date and time.What is the regular expression to recognize the window as unique?


How do you call windows APIs, explain with an example?


What all are the different databases winrunner can support?


you hae a inbox and got a mail how can you know it is there or not write script.


i this is priya speaking, any 1 tell me project detail for NETBANKING and HELTHCARE pls send to this E-MAIL ADDRESS; ( qik, thank u once agajn.


What is the usage of Test case Design Techniques,in Integration/System Testing?


Are there any suitable free tools to conduct performance test on a php web application?Manual or automation which is preferable for such kind of application? please answer ASAP


i would like to know the steps to write tsl exception and object exception with a simple example


Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version?


Dear all i am new to testing my company using and we are developing web based application. How i can test those application with winrunner if any one have some good tutorial or link kindly provide thanks u.


What is test parameter


How should we write and execute a user define function using WinRunner.