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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Gupta empire declined in the fifth century A.D. as a consequence of (a) Chalukya raids (b) Greek invasion (c) Hun invasion (d) Pallava raids


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Who founded the Hindu Shahi dynasty of Punjab? (a) Vasumitra (b) Kallar (c) Jayapala (d) Mahipala

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The main external threat to the Sultanate of Delhi was posed by the (a) Mughals (b) Afghans (c) Iranians (d) None of these


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Who among the following was a leading exponent of Gandhian thoughts? (a) J. L. Nehru (b) M. N. Roy (c) Vinoba Bhave (d) Jayaprakash Narayan

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Who were the immediate successors of the imperial Mauryas in Magadha ? (a) Kushanas (b) Pandyas (c) Satvahanas (d) Sungas

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Both Mahavira and Buddha preached during the reign of (a) Ajatashatru (b) Bimbisara (c) Nandivardhan (d) Uday

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Jahangiri Mahal is located in (a) Delhi (b) Fatehpur Sikri (c) Agra Fort (d) Sikandara

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The percentage of glucose present in the normal urine is (a) 0.1% (b) 2% (c) 9.5% (d) 0%

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The magnetic effect of electric current was first observed by (a) Henry (b) Oersted (c) Faraday (d) Volta

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Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves, constitute approximately (a) 4.5% (b) 2.7% (c) 1.2% (d) 5.8%

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The black hole theory was discovered by (a) S. Chandrasekhar (b) Har Gobind Khorana (c) C.V. Raman (d) S. Ramanujan

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The main contribution of the Chola dynasty in the field of administration lies in (a) Systematic provincial administration (b) A well planned revenue system (c) A well organized central government (d) An organized local self government


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Who founded the philosophy of Pustimarga ? (a) Chaitanya (b) Nanak (c) Surdas (d) Ballabhacharya

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Which of the following battles changed the destiny of a Mughal ruler of India? (a) Haldighati (b) Panipat II (c) Khanua (d) Chausa

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?The Vedas contain all the truth? was interpreted by (a) Swami Vivekanand (b) Swami Dayanand (c) Swami Shraddhanand (d) S. Radhakrishnan

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hello sir ow to i prepare my gk my gk is so i m fill up fourm of delhi police SI post. so plz reply


The safeguard agreement with regard to civilian nuclear to civilian nuclear facilities between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came into force on?


Who wrote "Vandematharam" ?


what is non cenvatable duty? How it can be calculated? Is it difers from item to item?


Where is Charminar Located?


Lancer is the product of which company?


What are your views on Kashmir issues?


India conducted Military Exercise Garuda Sakthi with which state?


Do you have any idea about Common wealth games? In which year they will be held?


The women carrying a weighing measurement, closed her eyes with black ribbon symbolizes which ?


what is the function referred when a branch track rail merger with another main rail track in junction?


Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?


which is the capital of nepal?


List of Finance secretaries of India


what does rbc stand for?