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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following is an example of a plant that bears seeds but not fruits? (a) Cotton plant (b) Peepal tree (c) Eucalpyptus tree (d) Pine tree

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Radioactive element which has been found to have large reserves in India is (a) Uranium (b) Thorium (c) Radium (d) Plutonium


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The image formed on the retina of a human eye is (a) Real and upright (b) Real and inverted (c) Imaginary and upright (d) Imaginary and inverted

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In increasing sequence, the major elements present in the human body are (a) Calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus (b) Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur (c) Calcium, iron, sodium, sulphur (d) Calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron

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A light sensitive compound used in photography is (a) Silver chloride (b) Silver sulphide (c) Silver bromide (d) Silver oxide

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Protective foods in our diet are (a) Fats and vitamins (b) Carbohydrates and minerals (c) Vitamins and minerals (d) Proteins and carbohydrates

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The ancient name of Bengal was (a) Kamrupa (b) Vasta (c) Gauda (d) Vallabhi

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Ahilyabai was the queen of (a) Gwalior (b) Malwa (c) Jaipur (d) Bijapur


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Morish traveler, Ibn Batutah, came to India during the time of (a) Ala-ud-din Khalji (b) Firuz Shah Tughluq (c) Balban (d) Muhammed-bin-Tughluq

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The relics of Indus Valley Civilisation indicates that the main occupation of the people was (a) Agriculture (b) Cattle rearing (c) Commerce (d) Hunting

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The Mahabalipuram temples were built by the king of ????.. dynasty. (a) Gupta (b) Chola (c) Pallava (d) Kushana

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The first telegraph line between Calcutta and Agra was opened in (a) 1852 (b) 1853 (c) 1854 (d) 1855


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The first discourse of Buddha in Sarnath is called (a) Mahabhiniskraman (b) Mahaparinirvana (c) Mahamastakabhisheka (d) Dharmachakrapravartan

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The political and cultural center of the Pandyas was (a) Vengi (b) Madurai (c) Kanchipuram (d) Mahabalipuram

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Who wrote Mitakshara, a book on Hindu Law ? (a) Nayachandra (b) Amoghvarsa (c) Vijnaneswara (d) Kumban

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name the vitamin found in orange and lime?


Who is the author of the book 'Half a Life'?


Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?


Who is the Governor of Bihar?


how many nationalised banks


In the Vedic period, the kings collected tax from the people. What was that tax called?


Which cells help in the production of antibodies?


Which of thefollowing groups of people change their house types according to seasons?


What is the state dance of your native state?


who wrote the book titled as 'politics'?


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Who are the latest Noble Prize Winners, Padma Awards Winners, Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe etc.?


Which countries are together called Scandinavia?


on what theme is picasso's painting 'guernica' based on?


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