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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which one of the following organisms can serve as a biofertilizer for rice crop? (a) Blue-green algae (b) Rhizobium sp (c) Mycorrhizal fungi (d) Azotobacter sp

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At the time of the partition of India, which one of the following provinces of British India came forward with a plan for a united and independent existence ? (a) Punjab (b) Assam (c) Bengal (d) Bihar

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The blood glucose level is commonly expressed as (a) Millimeter of Hg (b) Milligrame per deciliter (c) Parts per million (d) Grammes per litre

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The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the (a) Greeks (b) Shakas (c) Parthians (d) Mughals

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Which one of the following dynasties was ruling over North India at the time of Alexander?s invasion? (a) Nanda (b) Maurya (c) Sunga (d) Kanva

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Soft drinks such as colas contain significant quantities of (a) Caffeine (b) Nicotine (c) Tannin (d) Rennin

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Which one of the following is known as the ?Coffee port? of the world? (a) Sao Paulo (b) Santos (c) Rio de Janeiro (d) Buenos Aires

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The Indian National Army (I.N.A.) came into existence in 1943 in (a) Japan (b) Then Burma (c) Singapore (d) Then Malaya

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A rise in ?SENSEX? means (a) A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange (b) A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with National Stock Exchange (c) An overall rise in prices of shares with Bombay Stock Exchange (d) A rise in prices of shares of all companies belonging to a group a companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange

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For reproducing sound, a CD (Compact Disc) audio player uses a (a) Quarts crystal (b) Titanium needle (c) Laser beam (d) Barium titanate ceramic


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The language spoken by the largest number of people in the world is (a) Hindi (b) English (c) Mandarin (d) Spanish


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Who among the following was appointed the new Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission recently? (a) P. Chidambaram (b) Montek Singh Ahluwalia (c) Digvijay Singh (d) Balaram Jakhar

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On the basis of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), India is the third largest spender on Defence behind (a) USA & China (b) Pakistan & Iran (c) Israel & North Korea (d) Russia & USA

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Which of the following has become the world?s first privately funded rocket into space? (a) Orbit (b) Cassini (c) SpaceShipOne (d) None of these

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Who among the following has been re-elected the President of Philippines recently? (a) Goh Chok Tong (b) Hun Sen (c) Abdulla Ahmed Badawi (d) Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

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how many depots are in a.p


The device used for locating submerged objects is?


Who is the chief of Asian development bank?


Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?


Which countries signed the MoU for co-operation in field of sports in January 2014?


Viswanathan Anand is masters in ?


In the year 2012, name the company which acquired SlideShare for USD 118.75 million?


Name any Veteran Olympian Medalist and Politician.


hi.. recently i applied postal assistants job.. and i posted already the postal form to delhi..IN THAT I FORGOT TO SEND ORIGINAL RECIEPT OF UCR NUMBER... (BUT IN OMR SHEET BOX I CORRECTLY ENTER THE UCR NUMBER)..IS THIS ANY PROBLEM?


state the seven wonders of the world which is located in india?


Who is the Governor of Jharkhand?


how much period of time to consider the current affairs(appsc group-2 perpose)


hello sir ow to i prepare my gk my gk is so i m fill up fourm of delhi police SI post. so plz reply


Who is the Founder of NIACL?


Pls send me general knowledge question for State bank of india Clerks Interview.