Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How you will test Yahoo messenger on single machine ?

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types of testing?

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What is primary duty of tester ?

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levels of testing

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what is defect?

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software testing life cycle?

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what is vss?

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what is the testcase review?

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whatis test biuld manager?

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whatis ur company testing process?

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What is diff b/n TRM(Test Responsibility Matrix) and RTM (requirement Tracebility matrix) or both are same??

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What is the difference between functional testing and behavioral testing?


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What is the Stub abd the driver ?Are these both using at the time of Top-up approach of integration testing and bottom-down approach testing .?


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What is the test scenario? What is the difference between test strategy and test scenario.?

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what are the tests u did in entire project? when it did in the project? (means at the release build to end of project) plz explain clearly



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I want to know about satyam manual testing questions


On login window for username and password auto populated field means what !


ive been looking for a junior tester job for quite some time now, but most company keep requisting for experienced staffs, but if i dont start from somewhere how do i get the experience


Can anybody help i put the pharma and bank project in my resume, but i dont know what to tell about them, any body tell the where can i get the information about them,what i need to tell about these applications,please help me


what is coupling integration testing


Am putting E-commerce project in my resume can any one please tell me about E-commerce application explaination..


difference between change management and configuration management


Can anyone tell me about banking project? abt the transactions? the flow?


I have 2 yr Localisation testing exp now i want to job in MNC My manualtesting knowledge+2 yr exp sufficiant for in MNC


plz tell me the difference b/w PB/MF based appl.with examples. Thanks


Define Stability, Scalability and reliability with example ?


how to indentify memory leakages after the build


Test cases have written according to Flow of the software working or according to Screens?


Test cases for Internal IP Messenger


What does 100% statement coverage mean?