types of testing?

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types of testing?..

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black box testing:
black box testing focus on the functional requirements
of the softawre. this type of testing method attempts to
find incorrect or missing functions, errors in data
structure or exrenal database acces,initialaisation and
termination errors.
black box testing is conducted on integrated functional
components whose design integrity has been verified through
completion of traceble white box testing.
black box testing focus on system externals
black box testing the test cases are created using system

in black box testing we test the softawre without know how
it is working.

here blindly we r testing the software thats why we call it
as black box testing.

here we test the behaviuor of the application thats we also
call it as bahavioural testing.

white box testing:
white box testing examines the basic program structure and
it derives the test data from the programing logic.ensuring
that all statements and conditions have been executed
atleast once.
white box testing verify that the software design is valid
whether it was built according to the specified design or
white box testing also called as stuctural testing.

in white box testing the tester should aware of the code.
execute each statement atleast once .

execute each decision direction atleast once.
execute each decision direction with all possible outcomes
atleast once.

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types of testing?..

Answer / venkat

Browser is testing: It is used to check same application
multiple browser.
Functional testing: It is used to check the requirements or
business logic
GUI testing: It is used to check front end.
Re Testing: It is used to re testing the fixed defects
check whether fixed or not.
Performance testing: It is used to check system response
and through put of the application.

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types of testing?..

Answer / mk

Test Approach :-Black box testing and white box
Type of testing basically is Static and dynamic testing

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types of testing?..

Answer / shailesh

Type Of Testing

1)static Testing

2)Dynamic Testing

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types of testing?..

Answer / shraddha

Black box and white box testing r d methods of software testing.

levels of testing is unit testing,integration testing,system
testing,user acceptance testing.

Testing type r mainly divided into two types:
i)Funtional testing
ii)Non functional testing

Functional testing is to check the functionality of features
of the application.
regression testing ,smoke testing,sanity testing,requirement
testing etc. r d functional testing.

Non fuctional testing is performance testing,load
testing,sterss testing,security testing .

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types of testing?..

Answer / n@n!

1)unit testing
2)module testting
3)integration testing
4)top down testing
5)bottum up testing
6)application integration testing
7)data base testing
8)system testing
9)user interface testing
10)usability testing
11)functional testing
12)non functional testing
13)validate testing
14)alpha testing
15)beta testing
16)gama testing
17)yellobox testing
18)adhoc testing
19)monkey/exploratory testing
20)compatability testting
21)comparative testing
22)hard ware testing
23)security testing
24)sanity testing
25)smoke testing
27)regression testing
28)agile testing
29)stress testing
30)load testng
31)volume testing
32)panitrating testing

and some more........

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types of testing?..

Answer / rafi

whitebox and blackbox testing are testing
methodologies.where as
performance ,stress,load,usability,......are the testing

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