Manual Testing Interview Questions
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wat is build verification testing

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how to perform reviews

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how to report reviews

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how to access a build & wat is its configuration

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if the object is identified by QTP & also virtual object wizard then which object will added to object repository

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how to debug ur scripts


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when errors occurs in ur script wat will u do

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How do you manage your writen/modified/executed test cases, Bug report etc,without using any tool?

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In which way tester get Build A, BUild B, ....Build Z of an application, just explain the process..

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How do you review testcase?? Type of Review...

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

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What is performance Testing and Regression Testing?


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Expalin about metrics Management?


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Write the Testcases for Telephone


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What are the Defect Life Cycle?


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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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I have to give weights to 5 stones so that using a simple balance and the stone i should be able to weight any number between 1-100


What is test management?


What is CVS and why it is used?


When have you had to focus on data integrity?


hi can anyone tell me about vision plus testing? and what about its future


Can you please provide me the standard testcase review templete and Test plan templete.In my company we are not following any Standards templete so.Please guve me some Excell attachments.


What is test startegy?


Hi,friends i am going to write ICST certificate exam on augest.So can anybody post some of sample qusetions for ICST certificate exam.Really it will be useful for me


What is a defect?


In a systen design to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has Rs 4000 of salary tax free. the next Rs 1500 is taxed at 10% , the next Rs 28000 is taxed at 22% , any further amount is taxed at 40% , the nearest whole Rs, which of these is a valid boundary value analysis test case ???? a)Rs 1500 b)Rs 32001 c)Rs 33501 d) Rs 28000.


Can anyone list out major scenarios for an application managing drug composition?


Why should you care about objects and object-oriented testing?


What do you plan to become after say 2-5yrs (Ex: QA Manager, Why?)


What is known as data-driven testing?


Explain branch coverage and decision coverage.