Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is Reproducible Defect? and When we will rise that defect as Reproducible Defect?


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How to prepare boundary value test cases for 3 input values eg: to get the triangle type i am giving 3 sides a, b, c values should be 1<=a<=200,1<=b<=200,1<=c<=200....


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Hiei have cleared 2technical and hr round at even discussed about salary,he said there would be a client round which final.Can any one tell how to prepare for this round and what type questions i can expect.By the way this job is regarding 1+ exp on mobile app testing


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Hi all. I have 2 years exp in manual testing.Now i want to shift.i got so many email from other company that send ur cv .After sending no response from them .whats the reason.

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How to prepare tracability matrics

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Smoke testing done by whom


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how do you test for runtime error using manual testing

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can you tell me high priority low severity defect?

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Is it necessary to do retesting if we are going to do regression testing?please reply


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You have been given 2 projects to test, what are the key factors you consider when prioritizing you work load?


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You have raised a priority 1 bug that needs to be fixed for release tonight, the developer concerned is refusing to fix this, what do you do and why?


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What is V-model and explain differences between V-model and other SDLC models like waterfall, spiral etc

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Can we perform load testing on mobile phone?


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You have been given 2 projects to test, what are the key factors you consider when prioritizing you work load?

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what is real testing & comprehensive testing? plz rly me my qestion

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what is base time , how can we base time your doc"s ?


What is the difference between static testing and dynamic testing?


What are the cases when you’ll consider to choose automated testing over manual testing?


Anyone tell me the test cases of Shopping Favorite


How to test the below code and write test case? Prove that this code is wrong? int add(int a ,int b) {return a+b; }


What are the basic forms of variations?


can anyone tell me the questions that can be posed in an interview for a 5 year experienced person in manual testing


How does compatibility testing differ while testing in Internet explorer and testing in Firefox?


You want a automation tool to be used for your project. How will you convince the client for the same. Please give me specific answer.


what is functional testing terminologies


test measurment techniques


Write positive and negative test cases for forgot password?


What is change request, how you use it?


whats the reason to display the password(not in encrypted form) in the script in load runner but not in QTP?


What are the phases involved in software testing life cycle?