Manual Testing Interview Questions
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I through 1st round of interview in manual testing, now in the 2nd round i have written test and oral, what to expect in written test & what is the basic salary can i expect? i have only 1 yr experience and took break for more than 5 years.

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I had faced in one of the interview that " you have found the bug and assigned to the corresponding developer, but the developer did not accept your bug. what will you do at this situation. can any one help me with clear answer ? I answered like, I will show the SRS,GUI document and show the image of the bug where i got. and again they asked me , still they did not accpet your bug. what you will do ? Answer me....

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difference between smoke and sanity testing? help me with the clear answer...

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what are things to be tested in job portal websites?


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what id test effort Estimation in testing ?

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can you tell me how to write test cases for payments, receipts, inward clearing, outward clearing, A/c statements ?


Test Conditions are derived from : Test Conditions are derived from : a) Specifications b) Test Cases c) Test Data d) Test Desig


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What is programe specification deleverable documents of SDLC ?

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How to write test case for view the table(i.e it is already stored in database and see the content in the table)



What about manual testing opening in bangalore in September. Not getting a single interview call from last one month.


What is benchmark testing? hi friends... can anyone suggest the correct answer plz...

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My self Rangaraja from hyderabad.I have 2years exp in manual testing in Printing Domain.I want learn Banking domain Could you please any one explain how to test banking domain? if you have documents please share me through following


can you tell me test cases this the sketch is below here name is a dropdown list like different phones nokia,lg,samsung,motorola,sony,micromax and there is a submit button below name model submit


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For a Login screen with Username, Password input fields and Enter, Cancel button write Test Cases for GUI, Funcitonal, Negative, Usability and Security testing.

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In which stage regression testing is done in testing process.

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a newly launched web site is hosted on web server.It is expected that 100 people visit the website every hour and browse 30 pages spending a total 15 minutes. what is the maximum hits/sec that the web server should support this load?justify your answer. need urgently. by rimesh


How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ?


Hi could some one please send me the testplan testcases(for 2Modules) and testscripts for mercry fliht aplication or gmail. please write those on templates and send me.In testplan plase write Testobjective, test scope, est approach, exlusions assumptios.


what we have to read to gain knowledge in banking and financial domain(software testing) for 4+ experience


what are the various techniques you will use as soon as the srs was given to you to speedup the testing?


give me a example of writing a test case,take any good example which i can understand easily.


Give me sample test cases for smoke testing


I am DD. I am working as a Tester in e-learning company? IS there scope for content testing? or i have to change to software testing. pls guide me...


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


hi this is satish can some one help me out by sending the maxium notes on client sesrver ,web server and company architechture project hirearchy and company hirearchy i will happy to recive the answers as early as possible


what is dib format?


If automating - what is your process for determining what to automate and in what order


Have u ever done testing related to a database,give examples to support u r answer.


What is Web testing & which action we take at the time of Web Testing?


Risk Analysis a) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step