Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the diff b/w system testing & end to end testing

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which are the mandatory fields in QC while rising new bug??

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how will u create diff types of scenario for any website?


1.How can you Pick Integration Test Cases? 2.When will you start Regression Testing? 3.What is the difference between QA & QC? 4.When Will you Exit In Testing? 5.Test Deliverable's 6.What is the difference between windows based appln and web based appln? 7.What are the types of regression testing?


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I have 2+ year of work exp in manual testing and i have good knowledge in QTP.anybody have requirement in your company please please tell me


Mention five negative testcases for Gtalk?


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Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes?



What do you mean by Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and User Acceptance Testing and when do you do them?


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How do you react when the developer says that defect you logged is not valid?


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When do you escalate issues to your Manager?


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What will you do when you were given two different projects and asked to complete them at same time?

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Based on what documents do you start scripting?


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When do you stop testing?

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Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes?

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Did you ever worked with BA's?

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how will we change the server system time?


is it necessary to write neagtive test cases for each and every field


how to write test cases on SRS?tell me any example which type of certification is usefull for less then 1 yr exp. people in testing. can anybody know immediatly sent it which the answer


Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


functional testing and usability testing test cases for transfer funds...


what is metrics in software testing? give me a brief detail about it?


what are the various techniques you will use as soon as the srs was given to you to speedup the testing?


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


What is Test Design?


how to access a build & wat is its configuration


integration test cases for mouse and keyboard


How can you define state tanstion testing aswell decesion testing with you can differ them too??


I have cleared written test and one Technical round in one company? now i have to face an Client Round through telephony? Any body have faced client round, how will it be , wil they ask technical or is it only formality round? im nervous, plz let me know wat all they may ask? i have this round on monday?


I studied MBA, I want learn any softwarecourse, which course is better hadoop or testing tools(manual+selenium?)


where do we work with Application, web and Database servers Means which type of applications.