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When do you stop testing?

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When do you stop testing?..

Answer / dillip palai

Some of the common factors and constraints that should be
considered when decided on when to stop testing are:
1. Testing budget of the project. Or when the cost of
continued testing does not justify the project cost.
2. Resources available and their skills.
3. Project deadline and test completion deadline.
4. Critical or Key Test cases successfully completed.
Certain test cases even if they fail may not be show stoppers.
5. Functional coverage, code coverage, meeting the client
requirements to certain point.
6. Defect rates fall below certain specified level & High
priority bugs are resolved.
7. Project progresses from Alpha, to beta and so on.

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When do you stop testing?..

Answer / dheeraj shandilya

Testing is the process of assessment of quality.We also
know exhaustive testing is impractical to achieve.
So we should stop testing at some point.These some point
are defned by exit criteria.
1.) Availability of staff, Material, tools required for
2.)Undesirable outcome that could result from shipping too
early (Risk)
3.)The status of the important quality characteristics
4.)the portions of the test basis, the software code covered
5.)Number of test run , Passed , Failed, Bocked
6.)The number of defect known to be present, its arrival
7.) Money i.e. the cost of finding the next defect in
current level than finding that in next level of testing

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When do you stop testing?..

Answer / castor_troy

Testing is stopped under 2 conditions :
1) when all the conditions mentioned in exit criteria is met.
2) If there is a request from the client to stop testing.

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