HOw to test website manually?
Is it any criteria to test ?

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / sandeep gaikwad

Testing Website manually is little bit difficult tasks but not impossible.
1.There are three section in any website Header, Footer, Left side menu,right side menu & hyperlinks
2.Check proper format,font, color combination
3.Check is there facility to go home from every display page or not.
4.Check compatibility(works in all environment
(eg:any windows platform e like Xp,windows 2000 etc, browsers(mozilla,crome,opera,Netscape)
5.Check user friendlyness in website.
6.IF u hv access of DB then u can Check whether data is properly saved in DB or not.

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / tsk

you can test a website manually.
Open a website u shld be able to view all the features, no
overlapping, shld have same font,when u click on a link u
shld be able to see that particular page displayed agin with
proper format,font and u shld have a link to go back to home

Criteria: Here main point is to do Usability testing(is it
user friendly), compatibility(works in all environment
Eg:any windows platform either Xp,windows 2000 etc),

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / ashima sharma

Objectives of Quality Testing/Assurance

I. Objective is to check for all the links in the website.

1) All Internal Links
2) All External Links
3) All mail to links
4) Check for orphan Pages
5) Check for Broken Links

II. Forms

Check for the integrity of submission of all forms

1) All Field level Checks
2) All Field level Validations
3) Functionality of create, modify, delete and view (Optional)
4) Handling of wrong inputs
5) Default values if any (standard)
6) Optional Versus Mandatory fields
7) Type of controls used should be checked.
8) Output Errors : Errors In writing, editing or reading operation in the

III. General appearance

1) Page appearance
2) Color, font size
3) Frames
4) Consistent Designs
5) Symbols and logos (localization)
6) Spelling and Grammar
7) Updated Information
8) Copyright Section
9) Alignment of page and content
10) Check Loading of images, graphics, etc
11) Data Integrity- ie. Data is not missing or wrong.
12) Appearance of multiple lines or tags on same page should be avoided.
13) Every line should end with a full stop.
14) Important words or headings should be kept as Bold.
15) Check for Capitals and Small alphabets. As every word after full stop should be in Caps and every word after a comma should in small.
16) Spacing between every line and paragraph should be according to the standards.
17) There should be difference in look of Headings and Sub-Headings.
18) Same font and font size should be used on Website.
19) Animation should not have distorted images.
20) Visibility of text should be checked.
21) Titles of every page should be checked. Page titles are important, as for example they show up prominently in search-engine results.
22) Alignment of paragraph and images in the page should be checked.
23) Content should be justified for better appearance.
24) Cutting of images on edges should be checked.
25) Stretching of images should be avoided.
26) Size of every image should be checked to enhance the appearance.
27) On mouse move links should be checked as if hand appears or not.
28) Every Link should have a meaningful word.
29) Pop-up messages should be meaningful and should match the requirements.
30) Check proper color combination on every page.
31) There should be consistency in design of whole website.
32) Check user friendly behavior for website.
33) Overlapping of any content or word should be checked.
34) Check if Positioning of cursor is correct in every textbox or multi-line textbox.

IV. User Interface

All about how exactly website looks like (view)
Basic guidelines for web User interface (Microsoft)

1) Verify whether screen resolution been taken in to account while using browser, will the UI resize itself as you maximize/minimize this must be tested with various screen resolutions.
2) Every dropdown box should have the first choice as Select (it could be any other meaningful sentence such as Choose one or None selected )
3) Ensure persistency of all values, when you enter values in a form, and move on the next page and then return to change one of the previous screen .The users must not be forced to re-enter all the values once again, this must be checked and ensured
4) Horizontal scrolling is not preferable in general .Avoid using horizontal scroll bar Ensure that the use of vertical scroll bar is judicious
5) Consider the use of pagination where appropriate.
6) Ensure that shift click control click work in list boxes, clarify these features work in both browsers
7) The location of buttons (OK and Cancel) should be at the right hand bottom side of a screen and consistent.
8) Clarify whether encryption of the password occurs from your login page all the way to the backend (the login page must not transmit clear text password)
9) Illegal operations should give popup messages (message should be simple and clear)
10) Positive popup messages should be displayed (submitted, deleted, updated, done and cleared)
11) Ensure that you have multiple check boxes when multiple selections is to be performed
12) Avoid long scrolling drop down list make it short.
13) Every registration form should have Captcha, to avoid fake user’s registration.
14) Browser compatibility should be tested. Try different browsers. To test the functionality and appearance of website.
15) Project should not go beyond its scope.
16) Thank you screen or message should be displayed for every registration and enquiry form.
17) Make sure every external link is opening in new tab.
18) Check three main section of website : Header, Footer, Left side menu, right side menu and hyperlinks.
19) we check whether All controls on the screen should be accessible through keyboard.
20) Test whether all prescribed links are opening properly on clicking as well on clicking back returning to the homepage.
21) Check if website is Easy of use without any help.
22) Availability of Help feature(if required)

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / draxayani

It is possible to test web site manually up to some extend,
As we can test -
1)The proper display of data
2)Whether page is navigating r not
3)we can check for Broken links
4)Consistency of overall application across browsers
5)Easy of use without any help
6)Consistent behavior when screen resolution is changed
7)we check whether All controls on the screen should be accessible through keyboard or not
8)Availability of Help feature
9)Selection of Radio buttons and check box using shortcut keys.
10)Positioning of cursor
11)we can check for working of buttons.

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / saurabh

in web site testing we perform smoke,
sanity,performance,load,functional,regression etc Yes we
perform web site testing manually simply click all the link
and check that link perform required function or not check
all the link like this only .

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / chitra

Website testing can be done manually.
We can perform Testing by simply checking all the buttons
are proper or not,clicking on all the links and checking
whether the appropriate page is opened or not,checking
whether all major functionalities are working properly or
not,checking for performance,checking for security,checking
for different loads,checking for alignments,design,checking
for usability etc.

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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ? ..

Answer / neela

to website manually means checking of all the
functionalities right from loading site, login to logout.
1> first to check whether site is loading
properly ,homepage all the contents and links.
2> then test whether all prescribed links are opening
properly on dbl clicking as well on clicking back returning
to the homepage.
3> check for security of users data.
4> check for compatibility in all environments.
5> check for database connection and updation (if database
is connected).
6> check when u logout all pages are properly closed and
control comes on homepage etc.

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