Manual Testing Interview Questions
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This is Raji.I am having 2 plus years of experience in Manual testing. I want to do a certificate course in Manual testing. Which certificate course would be better to do?.

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What is requirment phase testing?

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Hi Friends, Can anybody email me Contents of Manual Testing on my email ie

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how much money you will spend to join in r company

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i joined in qutesys company and i didnt know even what is testing how it is possible?

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can you please tell me what is field validation and form validation in details,how is this perform


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what is Gui testing and how is it performed


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what is telcom Testing and how is it performed is the same methodolgy used for telecom testing as its used for web application

Tech Mahindra,

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what is best way to Indentify the senarios for anything like room,car,bike etc please tell me best ways to identfy

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what do you understand by browser and what r the types?

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what is CMM Explain the difference between adhoc and smoke testing explain Bug life cycle Explian STLC What is severity and priority and example of highseverity and low priority

Cap Gemini,

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what is the difference between waterfall model & v-model?


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How to write a test case for traffic signal?

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hai friends can u expalin about real time process of testing at the company, like flow diagram


which type of testing we r doing at the begining of the project,and what r the next next testing at the application

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Hello testers I am an Bsc Hotel mgmt Degree holders but now am doin my software testin programme, side by MCA Master degree an have 6 months exp i testing in company.. i want to change my CV according IT based. so can anyone help me with sendin any sample CV of urs.. do me this favour it wil be very helpful for me prepare CV for interviews....


plz send the test scenarios and test cases for "user name should contain 4 to 8 chars and they should have only vowels"


Tell me a critical defect in which your Client,PM,PL appreciate on you


Hi Friends, Just One Month Back I was Join in Small Company as a Testing Eng.I have Six Month Exp. In this Company all my team memb.r fresher & PM give responsibility on us to prepare all require QC doc. for our new project.So I need ur help in this matter .How Can I start my work and Which Doc.I start to collect & From Where I get Detail Information all abt these thing. Thanks to all friends who give reply to this. Suyog


Tell me the SRS based review,brs based review


Have you ever completely tested any part of a product? How?


write test case for gmail login page


What is data matrix? What is the use of it?


What are the major components of Perf Test Report?


Hello can anybody list out supported and unsupported browsers for Window OS,Android OS,MAC OS Ubuntu


What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?


Can test condition,testcase and testscript help u in performing the static testing


difference between change management and configuration management


hai friends i need a general test cases for check box,drop down button and radio butoon can anybody reply me plz..........thanks in advance


what is API 2.0?