Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Give me an example when black box testing will not able to detect a bug which white box will detect?


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How can I use bugzilla in my company to track a bug and to allow the client to see the bug report online throughbugzilla. Please explain in detail. I am really need this.


Can any one explain the all types of testing in detail with aim of the testing,purpose,Person Doing,entry criteria,exit criteria,Documents required.....its very helpful for me..if possible send it to my mail id


write testcase for print option using mswod

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write bug name and discrition for following scenario: 1*1=1,2*2=5,3*3=9,4*4=17 using mscalculator ?

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what all the metrics to be checked for a document ?

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How to test cookies in Manual testing?


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Please give me example of low priority and hign severity defects?

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1.tell me one bug what u find ur testing and how u ill fix severity and priority? 2.difference between web and window based testing? 3.bug life cycle?

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What is PET Model? Overview of Pet model and benefits of it?


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Can any one please explain me, what kind of defects we should not raise while doing System Testing?


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Briefly explain what is Quality Assurance life cycle?

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What type bugs you will find in integration testing with example?


can any body explain about BVA and ECP briefly?

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Compatibility Testing

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6 what do you like least about testing?


wat are the questions would the project leader ask about the project?? please do send the answers early.


IN SQL SERVER 2005, With out using Query, hw can u break down USER NAME & PASSWORD to enter the software.


What is an audit report? Whom is it done by?


hi friends i have a question while the files are uploading into the web server(for storing)..... securely......... what is the meaning securely.......its regarding virus threating or user authentication.... the files are video files these are ripping and converted into .flv format pls clarify ..........thanks in advance......


Hi Could someone please provide Siebel Testing Interview questions for 5 years exp.


In Manual testing how to test proxy servers? can u please explain with example?


Test approach to windows update?


What is Application Performance testing and Operational performance testing


1.what promted you to become involved in QA/Testing?


if yahoo ceo asks you to do performance testing for yahoo site, what are the inputs you ask from them?


Write UI Test case, Integration Test case, Functional Test case & Performance Test case for the File Menu for MS-Word?


integration test cases for mouse and keyboard


Name three reasons why the tester may choose to record in Context Sensitive mode.


What is CVS and why it is used?