Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Why do we need different environments and different data? What is the other name for environment? Justify your explanation ? real time experts pls xplain?

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My questions are- 1. If we have 1 week time in hand what will be the approch of testing. 2. If we have very lesstime in hand then how we will do the regration testing. 2. When there is a change in requirement in module A then what should be the approch to change in that module and in other module like B,C etc an whow we update the test case pls explain the scenario in detail. 3.How do you confirm that for perticular funtionality all the test cases has been written. Thanks


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If I have a dialog in which there is a text field that when I enter “abcd”, hit and the output comes out “8”, how do you test it?

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If there are so many settings/options to choose, how to write test cases?

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If you find a bug and the developer says it is as-designed, what can you do?

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Functional testing is the part of System testing or System testing is the part of functional testing


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How can i check GUI for application window

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Please anyone give answers for all below questions and help ? realtimers please and please share your knowledge.lot of questions left unanswered.


if we got new bug in the retesting due to errors in the code is the bug regression bug or retesing bug

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what is the format of test case document? any one can send test case excel sheet format? my id

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HI can i know who is taking real time testing classes in banglore? i am preparing to put 3+year experience in testing if possible anybody give suggestions for preparing 3+exp


1.Test cases for Password cannot be used for next 13 times? 2.Test cases for Password should not be less than 8 to 13 chars and there should be at least one special character and one Capital letter.


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1. What is SQL editor,DB check points and will we use it. 2. Where will we use these things (Automation/manual)

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What is a Test Strategy and the basic test strategies? What is a Test Methodology and the basic test methodologies?

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i have doubt suppose iam purly working in manual, when i will work on sql and performence testing? pls any one clarify doubt?

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how can we do database testing. In database testing we verify the data integrity and data validation. how can we do testing of Index, triggers, views, ransactions,cursors etc


Why we have to do manual testing?


What is Independent Testing?


I have 2 yr Localisation testing exp now i want to job in MNC My manualtesting knowledge+2 yr exp sufficiant for in MNC


Can anybody give whole test cases for banking should include from start to end .that will help me do should contain account,deposite,withdraw,fd,atm modules.?please try to give me??


Hi to all, im vaibhav i joined a MNC as a tester and i got a banking (HSBC) project can any one tell me as a fresher what kind of strategy i sholud use to perform better. thanx


how do u manage scripts in winrunner when you application is changing frequently?


How can you define state tanstion testing aswell decesion testing with you can differ them too??


Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes?


What are the major components of Perf Test Report?


can u plz give an example for regression testing with example.


What is the difference between code walkthrough and code review? What is the difference between walkthrough and inspection?


tell me some major and minor defects in ur net banking project?


What is Registry?


iam having 2+yr sof exp in manual testing, at present working in chennai,want to relocte to hyd .if any openings let me id :