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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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FTP is a application program to upload files to server write a test cases to check the system after successfull uploading we get the message files uploaded successfully?


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name poneno dept sun 9894433467 computer This is the xls sheet a programs written to transfer this data into database write test cases and test scenario?



please tell me the test cases for the following scenario 1. Two windows are there in one window pin code text box and ok button will be there.... we need to enter the pin code no and then click on ok........ basing on this in second window post offices address should come...........what are the imp test cases for that.....


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If I am testing Login Window,there are 2 buttons i.e Ok & Cancel.I will go for checking functionality of Cancel button. I want to know that Would it be one of test case?.I have to write it in test case document or not?

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what is the use of a tester.Even admin or developer others can do testing What is the main advantage of atester. why do testing team need testers.


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diffrence between srs and frs


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Explain about Bug Life Cycle

eXensys, IBM,

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how u get the build ?what is the size of the biuld?

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Can Anybody tell me What is diff. in Win2k namd Win-XP Thanks in advance


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what is difference between test strategies and test data ?


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What is suspension & resumption criteria in Test Plan please explain with example ?


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What is RTM

Accenture, Sify,

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How can a tester knows that,these testcases are enough for this build or there is no testcases to be written or to stop the testcases now?

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Hi friends!! Can u tell me, what is meant by Database Testing? How it can be done? What is tested in it(like any Queries like Select and all are tested or not)?


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Suppose Username and Password is there, Username is limited to 8 characters!! Then what r all the Possible Test Cases for it??


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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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What are the main key components in Web applications and Client Server applications? and their differences?


What is six sigma?


what is a data guidelines?


Explain test metric and the information it provides.


please send me database stored procedure checklist.


can somebody plz tel me about financial domain for manual tester?? which kind of application use and what is the approach of testing??


What's the difference between system testing and acceptance testing?


what types of testing you performed in transfer funds module....


How to test the search functionality.For example in naukri advance search is ca i test that page.


In manual testing, what are stubs and drivers?


What r the sequences that leads to automation?


Tell me about Agile scrum and what is your role in Scrum ?


What is srs and brs document?


what are the types of Bug?


through which phases a software ttester need to pass like as a junnior test engineer,team lead,project lead,etc.? which is the final stage of your promotion and how will u achieve?