Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to test Requirements?


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How do we test the requirements?

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Can any one please tell me the exact difference between the smoke testing,sanity testing and exploratory testing?


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difference between stress testing and loadtesting

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difference between web based server and client based server?

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what is mean by funtionality testing and performance testing,and what is the difference?

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can anyboy send me the testcases apart from application form?

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can anyone send me the test cases apart from an bank application form?

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Could any one explains what is Significans of V MOdel? Why not it is called as W model or some other X model? Is there any specifi Answer for this Qustion.

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U have a Scenario and there is box to enter values from 0 to 1000. Now what is the Test data u will test? What are the positive and negative test cases? How will U use Equivalence class Partition ?

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If U have Test Cases already prepared and u have to just excute those test cases in a very short time then how will U decide which test cases has to be excuted first. Is there any technique ?


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If the Developers are unable to understand the bug send by the testers , then how will the Testers convince or explain the developer.

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What components will be covered in the web site testing?

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What r the types of Test case design techniques

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who assigns siverity for a bug? is it test engnr, test lead or devlopment lead?

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What is Mixed Testing


hi... guys can any one pls help me out.... I m civil engg graduate i want to come into s/w field... i have decided to do manual testing course. i know its not sufficient.. which r the other coures shall i do with this.. suggest me good atomation tool and SAP courses... thanks in advance.. i wil be thankfull to u all


what is Test management fundamental?


how is market for testing in banglore,chennai,pune,delhi?


If there is non reproducible bug which developer is not ready to agree, how you will convince him.


Can you please explain me how to do testing of an E-insurance project end to end process..


HI can i know who is taking real time testing classes in banglore? i am preparing to put 3+year experience in testing if possible anybody give suggestions for preparing 3+exp


negative test cases on banking domain ?


i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.


If anybody from banglore having the real time exp in manual testing with 3+ yrs exp and looking for change send your profile to


3.if a questions asked as,what is the quality standards you are following? what i need to tell.


What are the Major Functionality for a ATM machine ??


why use caffine for HPLC calibration ?


Diffrernce between client server testing and web server testing.


what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)?ay idea