Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the diff between CLient, Customer and End User?

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what is srs based review, brs based review and trm based review

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what is cyclomatic complexity and what is the formula used for it

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what is prototype model(in S.T.L.C)? What is architecture of prototype model?


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what is tracebility matrix.what is tracebility template


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What r block box technique

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tell about tomcat webser


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what is change management and change request


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Suppose one project is given to u.How do u know whether this project is suitable for manual testing or automation.


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FOR what type of prjects we r using automation,why?


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what is Persistent Testing.

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what is the output of this query selet * from employee where 1=2

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What are the test methodologies??


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what is test frame work?

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what is statergy?


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What is your Approach when you find 10 Sev-1 bugs in 50 test cases?


In what situation would you want to parameterize a text verification check?


Pls u can u r mail id to my personal mail id also if they dont want to give u r mail id n comman place


How can write testcases on a code under development pls give asnwer


please send me interview questions asked in google in testing - manual


what is independent question and what is retriewing and what is problem of severity.


What is the Difference between Network testing and Web Testing?


What is Independent Testing?


What type of metrics would you use?


1)What are the QA procedures followed 2) Write test cases on a web page that has only two dropdown and a submit button, Fist drop down is a countries and second is metros in the selcted countries.When proper selection si doen and submitted it shows weather report of that metro.? 3)Write test cases on Mobile Alarm Module? 4)Write test cases on Company Water Bottle?


Login screen with Username, Password input fields,remember me check box,sign in and reset button write Test Cases for GUI, Funcitonal, Negative, Usability and Security testing.


hi what are the test cases for web application..i need these example..please..mail me at


What is the typical situation u faced while collecting the test data?


How do you Prepare a Defect Managemnt Policy


hi friends .......... from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will conduct either sequentially or parallel pls advice thanks in advance