Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is "Visible State Transition" test? Give example


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What are the contents in "Requirements Traceability Matrix" not in " Test Responsibility Matrix"?


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What r the types of test methodologies?


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What is Traceability matrix? Why it is used? Can u tell me the architecture of that?

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What are the Techniques to be followed while writing the Test Cases?


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On which documnets are used to write System Test Cases? What are the contents in Ststem Test Cases?


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What is bidirectional traceability?

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what is exact difference between UI Testing and usability testing?


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Contents in Tracebility matrix?


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What is the diffrence between product base company and application company ? if product base name few products,if service base name the few services.


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HI Can any one tell me what is the meaning of creation and setup of system input files and execute the tests at the command line

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In which stage more defects found means anlaysis,design,coding,testing and maintance?


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I Have a login screen.Jus before the release you see the screen and there is a bug.Tell mde wats the bug. screen : Logen : Password : | Submit |(submit is a button)

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Write 5 best test cases for : Login screen Login ( Min 5 to max 15 ) Password ( Min 5 to max 15) alphanumeric characters ans case senstive

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What is the diff between IE and netscape in a web testing on a login page.

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Define Stability, Scalability and reliability with example ?


Tell me example for Risk,Mitigation,Assumption?


how to indentify memory leakages after the build


I am DD. I am working as a Tester in e-learning company? IS there scope for content testing? or i have to change to software testing. pls guide me...


What is the difference between Sleep and wait in winrunner what is integration testing and types of testing present what is system testing what is data driven testing what is functionality testing if requirements are given to you then how do you write the test cases for it Account number = Ok cancel For above given form the valid account number starts from 1 to 1000 so is it necessary to input the 1,2,3 ….998,999,1000 test cases to check the conditions of valid account numbers I,e is it compulsory to write 1000 test cases for the above form


Architectural structure of the insurance project?


In usability testing we check spelling, content, look and feel, color combination, link or menu navigation? please let me know more about usability testing.


Can you please explain about the erp project


Can anybody write the test cases for the following scenario. I want to create District. for that, District Code field, District Name field, Reset button, Submit button, Back button are there in the screen. whenever we enter District Code & District Name in the related fields, by clicking on Submit button, District should be created. By clicking on Reset button, all fieds should be cleared. By clicking on Back button, user should navigate to home page. Can you write the test cases for the scenario. I want to know the test case format for the scenario. what procedure is the best. tahnks in advance...


What is the role of QA in a company that produces software? How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?


Could some one tell me test cases for multi line text boxes like Notes field?


what is the difference between Desktop testing,Client/server testing and webapplication testing


How can I use bugzilla in my company to track a bug and to allow the client to see the bug report online throughbugzilla. Please explain in detail. I am really need this.


need answer interviewer will ask me about all project which i mention in resume or presently i'm working??please reply tomorrow is my interview


What is PBX Testing & What is Test coverage?