Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is user acceptence test?

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combo box is object or picture?

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Tell me some of the Possible test cases on ATM Machine?


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Diff. between STLC and SDLC?


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you r a tester having good knowledge of in ur company developers are having some problem in coding will u (tester) help them.

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what is uml

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what is the difference between use case and test case?

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what is use case

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what is the format for usecase?

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can anyone give me example of the following:- low severity & high priority medium severity & medium priority high severity & low priority

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What are W3C Standards?

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what are the add-ins needed to test .net and c# projects?

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is Business requirment doc is configurations item or not how you control configurations control

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diff between usecase and testcase

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What is Test Policy


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What is frame level testing and how do we test it?


I am a ISTQB cerfity tester with 3 yrs experience(kolkata) , I left my current commpany due to some problem but since two months I did not get new job , why? is my age is 33 yrs and I am married . If anybody have any answer please let me know, my email id


What is CVS and why it is used?


Hi....Friends....If anybody having Sample CSTP question papers, pls send it to the following Id... Thanks n advance...


What is meant my Firewall testing? how the testing is performed on it?


what are the test bugs


negative test cases on banking domain ?


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


1.What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing?


About Hierarchy level in your company.


What do you like about computers?


hai friends, I need clarifications for some doubts in testing terminology. 1.What is thread testing. 2.What is bucket testing and which automated tool is used to do this test. 3. ERP testin automation testing. 4.What is Data Warehousing testing? 5.What is Implementation testing? 6.What is Shake out testing? please let me have the clarifications in detail


When the GUI Testing will be held on the V model ?


In cycle 1 we have 100 test cases out of which 95 test cases are PASS and 5 test cases are FAIL. So in cycle 2 how many test cases performed as a part of regression testing?


What is Wound Fixing?