Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Test cases for Chat Component


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Test cases for Internal IP Messenger

Infospectrum, SST,

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Test cases for Recycle Bin

Shriram, Quexst,

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Hello can any one help we which certification is can be taken is it ISTQB or CSTE ? How to prepare for the exam & where we can find the materials etc for the prepartion? Please Help me. Thanks in advance

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difference between test coverage and test tracability matrix?

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how far the test tracability matrix hepls in regression testing ?

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i looking for the software testing job with the exp of (1.5 yrs ), if anybody knows how to approach the companies ,pls let me know , possible que which will be asked in interview ? pls send me sample resume for testing ....pls do the favour as soon as posible .


Hi, i am looking job in perfomance testing using Loadrunner can any body help me a project in any domine plz(Usah)


If the bug is found by customer and he will put that bug in DTS , that bug is visible 1 - Dev Team 2 - Test Team 3 - B. A. Team 4 - 1 & 2


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if any bug is found & that problem is resolve & make sure this type of problem is not arrise is any project also 1 - corrective & preventive Action 2 - Risk Analysis 3 - Impact Analysis 4 - Root Cause Analysis


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ISTQB - any model paper questions related to this certification?

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Hi! pl. suggest a good book for manual attend interviews in manual testing with 3+ yrs of experience

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if bug is found & we will know the main Resion for that bug Arrise 1 - Corrective & Prevention Action 2 - Risk ana 3 - Root Cause analysis 4 - Impact analysis


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what is corrective & Preventive Action


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when developer will found bug they will store that bug in Dts 1- yes 2 - sometimes 3 - No 4 - none of these


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Can any one explain me about hybrid integration testing? and what is interface in integration testing? thanks in advance...... regards, MurthySharma.Manchella


what is quality Factor


When we use integration testing for any new system so why we required system testing.


hi this is ashok , i never worked in medical domain , can any one pls send me with proper exaple pls Question is while emergency or normal patitent enter into hospital he entered his first and last name and he enter emergency coloumn , write test case on these ,


Relative to other technical groups in the company? Relative to your staff?


How do u go about testing of web application?


what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


You have a testing team of 10 members, and now you have to reduce it by 5 member and you dont want to increase risk in your product, you are try to cover all functionality to test. What test Strategy you follow.


What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology?


What is error cusing tecnique


What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?


date format and we should 8 digits - not accepted only /accepted write how many in test cases in the date format valid , and in valid


can u write some high level scenarios on ms outlook express


What is XML Testing? Do we have any tools to test the XML? Please let me know.


Hi Friends, I want to know the best institute in hyderabad which is giving training in 'SAP Testing' and who is the best faculty. Regards, Imtiyaz..