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Test cases for Recycle Bin

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Test cases for Recycle Bin ..

Answer / sakthi

The Test Cases for Recycle Bin are

1) Check when we click the icon "Recycle Bin" it opens.
2) Check the heading of window.
3) check each and every menu in title bar that works correctly.
4) Check if we delete the data from Recycle bin, the data
get deleted.
5) check the scrollbar works correctly
6) Check the links in the side of recycle bin works correctly

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Test cases for Recycle Bin ..

Answer / chandu

1. Check the Restore capability is available or not.
2. Check whether we are able to clear list from recycle bim
or not.
3. While delete(+ shift) folder it should not appear in the
recycle bin.

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Test cases for Recycle Bin ..

Answer / braju.k

1) Check if the data is deleting directly from the recycle
bin when we send to recycle bin.

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Test cases for Recycle Bin ..

Answer / ranchhod prajapati

Check for sorting works correctly -we can sort by name, date

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