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Test cases for Internal IP Messenger

Test cases for Internal IP Messenger..

Answer / sivanathan

Ask if it is for windows 2000 server or an linux network
where every user is assigned an user name.


We can test the installability,Usability.But my major focus
here is going to be on core functionality.

1.The ip messenger on opening should list the list of people
who are connected on the network.
2.Should have an option of online and offline.
3.When I click on an user in the users list it should prompt
the other user,that you are ready for chat
4.If in test3 the other user accepts your proposal,then a
chat window must open where in The users involved in chat
are listed.and each user must have the ability to post messages

Test Case:
Test Case id:1
On opening the ip messenger it should list the users online
Only you are logged into the network.
Steps to execute:
1.Double click on <ipmsg.exe> in desktop.

Expected result:
Should show user online which is you alone.

Actual result:


In this way many testcases can be derived for each test

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