Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Define the term Bug, Failure, Error?

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About Testing Methodology?

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Test Case Design Techniques like BVA, Equalance partitioning, Error guessing?

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Difference Between Adhoc Testing & Exploratory Testing?


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If the Time is cut shorted, how can you manage that?

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Difference between Verification & Validation?

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Difference between Test Case & Use Case?


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Difference between Client server & Web based Testing?

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Define Stress, Load, Volume Testing?

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Difference between Test Plan & Test Strategy?

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Diffference between System Testing & Integration Testing?

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What is the difference between sanity testing and smoke testing

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How to identify the gaps in the system

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What is the difference between alpha and beta testing

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Do you face any showstoppers issue in your current project? Explain


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what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)?ay idea


wht is Manual Testing Frame work


how to explain banking domain project in testing?


Hi,Please can any one tell me about SAP Testing concepts.


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


define Testing of Procedure, Triggers and Functions in data base testing ?


I need your help, actually am facing lots of problem in interview am not able to answer in right way what ever questions asked about project. Could you please answer few questions? You must have seen the project I have mention as current project so please help on this, tell me how to explain project in details am prepare on HR module but don’t know how to explain it properly. If you can send me few documents like SRS, and few test case that will help me to get the clear picture, and want ask u what is tier1, tier2, and tier3 in project.


what is traceability matrix and its usefulness


what kind of testing have u done?


Write a Test scenario for Outlook Search functionality.


What do you like about computers?


Diffrence b/w functional testing,functionality testing,system testing?


There is only requirements document. You have 10 days and 8 resources to release the system.At the end of the 8th day u tell ur TL that system is ready for release. How will you proceed with the testing process or in other words what all approach you will follow once you get requirements


Anyone attended the manual testing interview with L&T infotech in recent past. please let me know the type of questions they can ask especially in PM round. Thanks


What are the major components of Perf Test Report?